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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by bikealps, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. I'm trying to paste something from photoshop to powerpoint.
    I've take the original photo, selected the bit I want, pasted it into a new .psd document with a transparent background, and then exported a .jpeg. I now want to import it into a powerpoint file, keeping the transparent background -- the object is not quite rectangular. When I do it, I get a white background.
    How do I get the .psd exported to .jpeg and then imported to powerpoint and have powerpoint recognize a transparent background?
  2. Export as a PNG, with the transparent background, instead of a JPEG. JPEG's don't have transparency - and white is the default replacement in this case - thus your white background.
  3. And I just tried it to be sure, and PowerPoint (v2013) will import a PNG. You could also export as a TIFF, which also preserves transparency.
  4. There is also an option to selectively remove a colour in Powerpoint itself (at least versions 2007 and newer, I cannot remember for sure if it was present in version 2003 or earlier); with the image selected it's among the Picture Tools. If you make sure the background you want gone in Powerpoint is a clear contrasting colour, it should work fine in powerpoint regardless of the file format used.
    If you use (much) older versions of Powerpoint, probably the best bets are TIFF and GIF (as PNG support came later on).

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