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  1. ...of Mercury: 11 November 2019
    Mercury Transit-PP-8089-sml.jpg
    (Heavily post-processed, but from my original image nonetheless.)
  2. 2019-11-11_11-16-12.jpg
    In June of 2012 I was able to watch Venus transiting the sun in real time on my cellphone (courtesy of NASA) while observing the actual sun in the background with my naked eye. The dark speck in the upper left of the sun's image on my cellphone is the planet Venus.
  3. transit in the Bosphorus
    0003a Barcos Bósforo.jpg Sony DSC-T3
  4. Transit by tender boat from cruise liner to shore. Tender boat-web.jpg
  5. The old way

  6. Theo1_web0.jpg
    Transit inst of about 1900 now usually known as a theodolite and mostly used for engineering and surveying (see above)
  7. Many in transit
    DSC_4861x1000 d200.JPG
  8. Transit of Venus 2012 ( and a few sunspots)

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