Traditional Costumes

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  1. Madrilenian boy...with a lizard in his hand?
    0192a Posando Fotógrafa NIñoChulapo Lagarto-NAFS50G.jpg Nikkor AF-S G 50
  2. Image5_1000.jpg
    At a folk music festival, Haskovo, Bulgaria, 1985
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  3. Greek Independence Day parade in Baltimore
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  5. At the Red Fort
  6. Cantonese Opera Day (annual event in Hong Kong - taken 11/29/2015 with Sony RX100, f11, 1/2000)
  7. Guests at the Queen's Garden Party, Edinburgh Castle scozia 129.JPG scozia 129.JPG
  8. Amish reenactors at Valley Forge July 4th Screenshot_20170715-155825-picsay.jpg
  9. Indoneasian traditional costume


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