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  1. just looking for some recommendations for labs in toronto that do decent digital
    priting work in the 8x10 arena and are decent priced.

  2. Obviously, you live in if you don't know it.....
  3. obviously you felt the need to chime in with a smart ass comment and no help.

    for your information: i print all my work myself. i'm trying to find a decent digital lab for my girlfriends portfolio prints without going through a bunch in trial and error.

  4. Matt

    Sorry I missed the Leica outing.

    Try Elevator Gallery on Industrial rd in leaside. You can see their logo and link on APUG. as they sponsored the APUG conference in Toronto last year. Bob has several 8 x 10 enlargers, an 11 x 14 DeVere as well as a Lambda system for enlarging from digital files on colour or FBB&W paper up to 5 ft plus.

    He made a great 8 x 20 pano colour print for me from a Photoshop file. Considering the work he put in to it and the colour correction
    he did, I was very happy. He even threw in an extra copy no charge.
  5. Matt,

    I know this may sound cheezy but, honestly... Downtown Camera's lab is a really good lab. They colour correct etc. The two guys in the back (Jeff and Brendan) know their stuff. And, unbeknownst to their customers, they print for Digital Pro Lab as well - kind of like a sub contractor.

  6. thanks guys. i'll give them a ring right now.
  7. also consider Toronto Image Works' Chromira printer for larger format prints... $20 + tax per linear foot (up to 50 inches)...
  8. Matt try the Pikto in the Distillery District.
  9. Colourgenics

Davies N of Queen just past the DVP
  10. How about Image Works? That's Burtynsky's place -- I've had some stuff done there and they do good work.
  11. I would also recommend the Pikto Gallery. They printed the pictures of the exhibition on Bangladesh I did with Michael Reichmann on Bangladesh in March 2005. The quality was very good and they printed out of digital files.

    Good luck!
  12. wow, i've heard pikto mentioned a few times to me in the last week. i've never heard of them. will have to check them out.

    have had work done by colourgenics and image works, but for these prints, my gf was concerned with cost, as she needed a few done and was on a budget.

    ended up at west camera, an off forum suggestion.

    pierred i'd love to see the prints pikto did for you. were they from a dslr or scans from neg/chromes? are they showing up anywhere now?

  13. it


    I do all my printing from digital files and scans @ Pikto. Make sure you use the Agfa D-Lab (not the Frontier) and convert your files to their profiles before submitting. If you have a large order, or print from one of their workstations, prices go way down. (e.g. 12"x18" @ C$7) And their online upload and ftp works very well.

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