Topcon IC-1

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  1. I couldn't insert a pic. of the Topcon IC-1 with the various lenses in my first posting so here it is in this posting..
    I'd be grateful for your opinion(s) on this,especially on the quality of the lenses.
  2. They're really round and one of them is really big, too.
  3. I agree with Gene. :)
  4. That's absolutely the most reliable UV-mount camera Topcon made. (That's because it has a Copal focal-plane shutter, rather than a leaf shutter. Leaf-shutter SLRs were, as a rule, unreliable and very difficult to service.)
    Unfortunately, the UV-mount cameras were Topcon's economy line. Moreover, the UV mount was designed for leaf-shutter cameras, so it is crippled by the rear element of the lens having to be very small, because leaf shutters don't open very far. Between these two facts, the UV lenses just aren't really very exciting optically. They also are generally rather slow. Reviews of them were not very positive.
    They probably are all sharper than the 35-200 zoom on a cheap point-and-shoot. They will make fine pictures -- they're just going to be somewhat embarrassed by a brick wall sharpness test. But they just are a clear bracket below the superb RE. Auto-Topcor lenses for the Topcon RE Super and Super D cameras.
    As a plus, the only UV-mount lens that's even moderately rare is the 87-205 f/4.7 HI-Topcor zoom. The rest are incredibly common, and incredibly cheap. So you can easily have the 28, 35, 53, 100, 135, and 200mm lenses with a very small outlay.
    There is an adapter to use the UV lenses on Exakta/Topcon mount cameras. Incredibly rare, shows up maybe once a year, fetches close to $200 on eBay.
  5. Exactly what John said, but go have fun with them anyway. Gene, the comedian here gets fine pictures from cardboard boxes with a piece glass on them.

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