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  2. Thanks for your feedback, Mike! Jeannine's a Duke Pearson tune that's equally fine for solo guitar / piano, a small group, or a full big band. Poor Butterfly is a classic Benny Goodman piece.

    I took that pic on a gig. The worn flugelhorn finish is typical of a fine professional's treasured instrument. Most pro horn players with whom I work will not touch the finish on their instruments no matter how bad it looks - they're afraid it will alter their tone. This is especially true for the priceless greats, e.g. original early Selmer Mk 6s, Bach Strads etc. Few will even consider having less than major dents removed for the same reason. I think you can see what I mean on the trumpet in this shot I took during his solo:

  3. 0262a Herramientas Llaves Nave de Motores Diesel Metro TokAF12-24ATX.jpg Tokina AF 12-24 ATX (15) on DX
  4. Bent's Old Fort. La Junta, Colorado

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