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  1. I'm going on a three week trip, London, Madrid and Paris... have decidec to limit my "tools" to the old M4 and a new M7, 35 2.0, 50 1.4 and 28 2.0 This is a lot different that my working trips with 60 rolls of Kodachrome 64, two R's and eight or so lenses... so aside from my usual HP 5 and some Kodak Porta 160 and 800, any other suggetions? Of course I'll take a meter as well and probably the Leitz table top tripod, but no flash and on purpose. Just never like them aside from my studio work. Thanks Jim
  2. Sounds like a great trip, Jim! IMHO, you've got three lenses that are extremely close in focal length (especially the 28 and 35). I'd consider cutting down to two 35-50, or 28-50.

    Personally, I'd take a wider lens (21 or 24), but I also like the simplicity of your kit and even with a wider lens, I might be tempted to still carry only two lenses.

    Then, again, I can only speculate since I'm not going!

    Have a great trip!
  3. Dont worry about loading up on all that film before you leave. Even London now sells HP5 and Portra films. I am sure that Paris and Madrid are the same.
  4. Todd, thanks... yeah, I realized that after you said how close the lenses were, but I love that 35 so : ) and it's so little ... but in the close quarters of some streets and alleys the 28 is just the I'll just carry the weight : )
  5. Really? ;-) However, most film (even Ilford) is still usually cheaper here in the States.


    "Even London now sells HP5 and Portra films. I am sure that Paris and Madrid are the same."
  6. Trevor, right, but the Euro is king these days, so I'll get the film
    here from my guys at Samy's in L.A. but I was wondering if there
    were some films that I might be missing just for the hell of it.
  7. you really cant figure this out yourself...? amazing
  8. Hey Grant, I already figured it out, I was looking for some creative
    input... I do realize where you input is. Thanks LOL
  9. Judging from your sample shot, why not bring some Neopan 1600? A snap from my last visit to London . . .
  10. Jim,

    Make sure you don't pack your film in the checked luggage.
    Have a good trip
  11. Everything is cheaper in the states, of course, but apart from the sheer bulk of carrying around enough film for a busy photographer to last 3 weeks in 3 major European capitals there is also the airport scanners to think about.

    If you buy as you go then each film (especially your 800 film) has at least a couple less passes through the scanners because you bought it en route.

    I hardly think a few £s or Euros extra on film is going to worry somebody who can afford a Leica M7 and a 3 week trip living in 3 (well at least 2) of the most expensive capitals in the world!

    I would also suggest taking just the M7, M4 and the 28mm and 50mm (or the 35mm and 50mm) not from a space/weight point of view but from a relaxation point of view. Less faffing around changing lenses etc.

    Oh, and make sure to see the centenary Bill Brandt exhibition on at the Victoria and Albert museum in South Kensington from now until late July.

    Have a great time.
  12. I'm leaving Saturday for London-Hamburg-Warsaw-Krakow and Zakopane. You have a lot
    more experience then I do but I am taking an M7, M6TTl, 28, 35, 50 and a 75mm. Lots of
    Tri-X and Velvia 100F. 28 and 50 are C/V lenses. Also I carry a handheld meter.

    Have a great trip and watch your wallet.
  13. guess ur not creative enough....
  14. Jim, I like the London shot. How about some details?
  15. >grant , mar 24, 2004; 07:48 p.m.

    >guess ur not creative enough....

    Do you have anything positive to say? Nice 'creative' spelling you got there.
  16. how can one be positive about obviously have experience shooting....why would you come online and ask things you already know.....get real...
  17. Hey Grant, aside from xxxxx's like you, I did get some comments I
    appreciate... neopan 1600 for instance and the scanning
    problems for three airport... having seen your other comments....
    why don't you get real?
  18. This is a lot different that my working trips with 60 rolls of Kodachrome 64, two R's and eight or so lenses

    where did you go, ur backyard..?
  19. >grant , mar 24, 2004; 08:01 p.m.

    >how can one be positive about obviously have experience shooting....why would you come online and ask things you already know.....get real...

    What is wrong with asking others' opinions? Maybe he just wanted to chat. Your snide one liners are starting to make me... uh-oh... yep... think you are ACTUALLY JAY! Without all the technical knowledges or correct spelling, of course.
  20. John, the street shot was with the 35 2.0 and HP5, then scanned
    with the Nikon 4000 and colorized in photoshop...scan as RGB,
    the in Mode convert to grayscale, then convert back again to RGB
    and hit command U in photoshop should bring up
    Hue/saturation and at the bottom you will see "colorize" then
    ajust it where you like it.
  21. Yeah, Grant you're not worth replying to... and I believe you're just
    lurking around trying to see if you can bait darlin' this
    is my last response. bye bye, I am getting some good
    responses from others and for that I thank you all. Having been
    a reflex shooter most of the time I'm now trying to create some
    new work since I'm pretty much retired from the L.A. scene. I'm
    trying to do more graphic work that can be sold ... maybe some
    would just call it "decorative art," but art is always a difficult
    question when it comes to photography. So in many way's I'm a
    newbie again. thanks
  22. i guess im just confused why someone with all this money in cams would be so cluesless....

  23. Without all the technical knowledges or correct spelling, of course.
    I wouldn't be so quick on that. Tho (Though) in the end, who cares - it's what kind of pix people make that count. I'd just bring my sony with attached sony zoom. :^)
  24. I will bring voigtlander R2 with 40mm summicron-C and 90mm elamr-C fixed the frame line on 35/90mm and M6 with 28mm elmarit-M.
  25. Brad Evans Patron, mar 24, 2004; 08:33 p.m.
    >>Without all the technical knowledges or correct spelling, of course.

    >I wouldn't be so quick on that.

    One typo vs. intentional hack writing ain't (isn't) the same thing, bro (brother). Got it?

    >Tho (Though) in the end, who cares - it's what kind of pix people make that count.

    REALLY? I've never heard that...

    >I'd just bring my sony with attached sony zoom. :^)

    Can you bring it any other way? :D
  26. IMHO, London and Paris side streets and the interiors of many buildings call for either a 21 or 24 wide angle. The 24mm is a magnificent lens, and would give you the extra coverage needed beyond the 35 and 28.
  27. There we go again! It is exactly attitudes and comments like Grant's which have driven the
    likes of Dennis Couvillion, Marc Williams and other invaluable contributors away from this
    forum, and which will, in the end, ruin it for everybody.

    We are getting lower by the week.
  28. You should look up Diego K. in Madrid, if you can. A real treat.
  29. I thought Dennis quit because somebody was rating his gallery pix low. And Marc quit
    because he couldn't handle Tim V's not all that harsh comments. No?
  30. Andrew... more information on Diego K. in Madrid... you can
    email me at My daughter lives in Madrid
    and so we can really get around for sure.
  31. Olivier, Jon: Chill out please. Grant is being a litlle mean-spirited here, and maybe too persistent, but he has a point. Jim knows his stuff, why is he asking us?

    Of course the answer is he feels like it. Also maybe he wants me to feel jealous about his gear (it worked).

    But let's not even MENTION the inexplicable acrimony, the scirocco, that passed over this forum a few weeks ago. I think we're just out of the woods with that.

    Whatever Grant's idiosyncracies are, he's an incredible contributor to this forum. He's anything but a lurker.
  32. Well Oliver - thats just how grant is. He has a fine photographic eye and his comments are
    usually pretty much on the mark, though tactless. I personally think Jim's question is
    quite appropriate and educational, especially for guys like me who don't have the ability of
    Marc Williams, or Dennis Couvillion or grant.
  33. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    It is exactly attitudes and comments like Grant's which have driven the likes of ... Marc Williams
    Maybe that's why Marc posted on other forums, since leaving this one, that if you want to see some great photography of people, look at grant's work...
  34. Brad, you may be right in the details, but what I mean is that I think they were fed up with
    negative attitudes, attacks and the overall unpleasant tone this forum sometimes had. And
    still has, apparently.
  35. Jim: My wife and I will probably go to Paris next year. I'm also thinking of taking two M bodies. If I were to go with only what I have, I'd like to take the 90 Tele-Elmar; 50 Summicron (I might like to take the Summilux instead, for night shots, but the cron is smaller and lighter, and I can bring my 35mm Summilux ASPH for those shots. I might like to take my 28mm Summicron, but I may leave it home (no, what am I saying!) I'll bring it, and also one of my 21mm lenses, and the external finder for it.

    Sounds like a lot of gear? Well, I'd like to bring the XPAN. Any opinions on whether this is a good idea? I think it is.

    I'd also like to bring one Nikon with either my 28mm or 35mm PC lens, for those architectural shots. The 35mm is more compact, and often adequate. The question is whether it's really worth it, since it's a lot more bulk, and it takes extra time to line up the PC shots, thus slowing us down. I'm good at using it hand-held, though. Still, this one may not be a good idea.

    That really is lot of gear, with four cameras. Chances are that I will talk myself out of some it. Will I be foolish enough to shlep a bag that heavy through Paris and south France? Probably not, but don't put it past me.

    Nevertheless, these are my thoughts on the gear I would most like to have along on such a trip; even if not necessarily all at once. I don't know if that helps, but have a great trip, and post many pictures when you get back!
  36. Jeff Spirer & Grant,
    I realize you are both friends, and link to each other from your respective photoblog sites:
    Grant's site (self portrait)
    Jeff's photoblog
    You both have a great eye.
    But Grant (or should I say grant?) in particular has a knee-jerk response to any technical post. Perhaps he will feel rather dumb when he's 65 and looks back at his contribution on Perhaps he will add his last name to his identity here (Amos?). And perhaps he will add his other email address that is on his photoblog site (
    Jeff, you are the moderator on the new Street & Documentary forum. Perhaps Jim Britt, under the name "jim", should post things under grant's photos like "loser. should have bought a nikon f3/p or hassey w/150mm sonnar. pathetic..."
    I like both forums. It really boils down to respect, guys.
  37. You know what?... I borrowed the M7, it's not mine, my old 1969
    M4 is... and I put in this post because I wanted some input,
    maybe a couple of new ideas and that's a good thing, I got them.
    Sure I have experience, but the truth is I was attracted to this
    forum because of the passion for the kind of photography that
    Leica users have done... they were the first and my idols, Capa
    for sure although I could never go to war, missed them all, but
    there was this passion... later on it was Nikon and I used them
    well into the 80's but then found the incredible lenses for the R
    system. I'm not trying to bait anyone or be one up on anyone, I'm
    just entering the dialogue. I realize that equipment doesn’t make
    great photographs, photographers do. I also know that when I
    was starting out, the M3 was THE camera to have and I
    sacrificed a lot to get one and learn to use it. Do you realize that
    if you grew up in photography using a rangefinder camera you
    always held the lens in the proper position for steadiness? If
    you didn’t, you blocked the rangefinder. So when you got your
    SLR you already knew how to steady the lens.
    I was blessed to have as friends Fred Maroon and meet and
    spend time with Ernst Haas and some other names I could
    drop, but that’s not the point. The point is that we all learn from
    each other, share information, be innocent in the give and take of
    it all. I will share anything that I know with anyone, anytime. They
    will never take a photograph I will take and I will never take a
    photograph they will take. Maybe I don’t need any input. Maybe
    someone doesn’t have to tell me about the multiple scanning of
    my equipment, or the chance to try some Neopan 1600, but wait
    a minute… I learned something. I looked at this forum as a
    place where one could exchange ideal, maybe even ideals. Just
    because you have experience doesn’t mean that you know
    everything. Many times amateurs are more inventive that
    "professionals"… I think my career is based on being a lucky
  38. oops meant exchange ideas.... etc.
  39. Jim, Have a great trip. I went to college in England, and there's nothing like it. My wife spent a year in Madrid, and I can't wait to go there with her. Habla Espanol? Paris, now that's three for three!
    I really enjoyed your website when you put the link here almost two years ago. I respectfully envy the kind of opportunities you have had, you must be a great professional, and your pictures show it.
    PS. Please ignore all these ill-mannered people, their mothers and fathers obviously didn't bring them up properly. I don't care if someone is a great photographer (or a great anything), there is no substitute for good manners, and that's what's unfortunately lacking in some people's lives, they must have had truly awful parents. It's a pity their lack of manners (and success in real life) intruded in your thread.
  40. Jim, thanks again for bringing up this good question. What people don't seem to realize is that good questions provide answers to not just the ones who asked them, but to many others, such as myself! Best wishes!
  41. I think Grant just tries to raise the level around here, and does a pretty good job of it. Not to be taken personally.

    As to who made some people quit, I'm pretty sure he's posted on this thread. It's not Grant.

    Have a good trip Jim. Great places.
  42. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    </i></i>John LoPinto says <i>he has a point. Jim knows his stuff, why is he asking us? </i> What happens is that grant says what quite a few people are thinking. I get this when I meet up with people from - how do people have all this expensive equipment and always ask what to do?<p>

    The question "what to take" gets asked regularly here and has really simple answers:<p>

    1) If you're fairly novice, either take everything you think you could use and find out what works for you, or take one lens and one body and see what you can do; or
    2) If you're experienced, take what works for you and makes your style work.<p>

    Anything else seems disingenuous at best, and bragging about equipment at worst.
  43. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    Now how can someone take a photo like this and ask what equipment and film to take with them? It doesn't make sense.
  44. Makes me wanna holler... ;)
  45. Just 'cause you take a picture like that.... well the truth is, I was
    looking for some films maybe I hadn't considered. 'course the
    pic of Marvin was an old Nikon F2... you are all the rangefinder
    wizards here, what the hell, ask and see what happens... truth is
    I guess I shouldn't have asked, just go with my old sh***t.... HP5
    and some chromes... thanks anyway... damn, this reminds me of
    some pros I knew who wouldn't share. Truth is this is all
    supposed to be fun and sharing. I know that I know a bunch of
    stuff, but I'm 66 years old and just starting to shoot again with the
    M's. Weird. What an interesting forum. A real laugher if you
    don't take it too seriously. See 'ya.
  46. Marvin Gaye was god. Ergo, Jim Britt is god's portraitist. Iconic stuff, Jim. We are not worthy, we are not worthy...<obsequious genuflection follows>

    Nevertheless, I have a suggestion.

    How about getting or borrowing a Cosina/Voigtlander 75/2.5 for the trip? It's small (arguably only a few mm longer than a 50 Summicron), and quite handy as a M camera telephoto. Shouldn't take up much space in the suitcase/duffel/backpack...

    Europe is often darkish, given the weather and narrower streets in older towns, so it will be the slowest lens you'll carry, but hardly too slow.
  47. Jim, Try some Fuji Provia 400F. Very fine grain, pushes well. Moderator, let's give Grant some involuntary time off from the forum. Whatever contributions were made do not justify these kind of attacks. Let him vent his superior attitude somewhere else. Jim, have a great trip. I had no problem getting a hand search of 400 and above film in Amsterdam and London. Bob
  48. wasnt it bresson who trekked the world with a camera and 2 lenses...?
    cmon guys...jim may not be bresson, but theirs your answer right there...
  49. How about a more interesting question: Jim, did you get to talk with Marvin? What was he like? At least on LP, he seems like the most soulful person this side of Al Green.
  50. Jeff Spirer wrote:
    The question "what to take" gets asked regularly here and has really simple answers:
    1) If you're fairly novice, either take everything you think you could use and find out what works for you, or take one lens and one body and see what you can do; or
    2) If you're experienced, take what works for you and makes your style work.
    Anything else seems disingenuous at best, and bragging about equipment at worst.

    Guys, if you haven't read the description of this forum, it is as follows: "This forum is for discussing Leica cameras and any associated equipment in the pursuit of great photography."
    I mean, really, Jeff's same reduction argument can also be used on any W/NW post. I don't agree with the following argument, but one could say any W/NW poster who asks for advice on a photo is either:
    1) an inexperienced photographer that should try every style out to discover his genre or try just one style and work on it, or
    2) an experienced auteur that knows what he's good at and should stick to that. Why even post?
    Anything else seems disingenuous at best, and bragging about your talent at worst.
    Again, I don't agree with the above. If followed, it limits growth (artistically or technically). But, following your line of argument, Jeff, anyone that is pretty good at what they do simply shouldn't ask any technical question because they should already know the answer.
    Some people like to discuss equipment even though they are experts and maybe learn something about how others do things. Some people like to discuss aesthetics even though they have MFA's. Both types sometimes learn new things even though they are experts.
    Jeff, come on.
  51. Bob, that's a very cool photo. as to Mani, yeah what a gift to be
    able to photo and be around Marvin. He was very cool and I did a
    lot of time with him. there 's this saying that a buddy of mine and
    I have.... "you have to rise to the occasion, but you need the
    occasion to rise to..." I was lucky and I was inspired to do the
    best possilbe work I could do for him and the music. You know,
    when I look back at my original post, it's very simple, little did I
    know that it would lead to all of this. as I said, I've mainly shot
    with the R's (gone least one more to come soon as I get
    rid of all my Canon stuff that I don't need)... parring down and
    trying to get simple again. I'll always keep the ELM, 150 and 80,
    but not to travel with. i was looking for some new films, since I
    usually shot all transparency before... just some friendly input...
    whew, never realized it would turn out to this, but you know in the
    scheme of things, it's all just typing and air... as Sal would
    say..."happy snaps" or as Gene would sing... "happy trails to
  52. Hang in there, Jim. Have a nice trip.

    Maybe during your next post on the Leica forum people won't hold your talent against you
  53. Hi Jim. Just another thought about a different film, how about Portra 400 UC for the colour stuff? Despite some quite rich colours it is not overwhelming in contrast and is good for flesh tones.
  54. Hey David... thanks, put things in perspective and made me
    laugh. I'm looking forward to the trip. today I played with the M7
    and shot a roll, see what it looks like tomorrow. It's a very cool
    camera. by the way, your site is well designed and I'm looking
    forward to seeing more of it.
  55. Technically and logically, grant is right. He has a point.

    I often wish he could bring his points forward in a more tactful manner. Yes, having a good eye is a blessing, but that doesn't mean anything if you cannot respect one another in a forum where one day we might cross path.

    Jim of course has his right to ask any questions he deem fit. I see this forum as a place to chit chat and learn or share a thing or 2 in the process. Sure, most of us knows a thing or 2 or maybe more about gears and photography, so why don't we share that? You really think we are here to find ABSOLUTE answers to every questions? Don't be naive. Most of it are just beer talk and to keep frienships online going.

    I am technically handicapped sorta, but I have read somethings here I have not come across. If you think you already know everythign you wanna know, go make more pictures, why bother hanging around here?
  56. ok ok, tri-x for black and white, some fuji provia 100 for chromes and fuji npz 800 for color film....
  57. Jim, Still causing trouble, keep up the good work. Have a great trip. If I were you, I'd add a 90mm lens. You know, great telephote scenes will present themselves, if you don't have the lens. Happy Snap, Sal
  58. "Oh, and make sure to see the centenary Bill Brandt exhibition on
    at the Victoria and Albert museum in South Kensington from now
    until late July."

    And the exhibition of some of Brandt's portraits at the National
    Portrait Gallery looks interesting too.

    And for Madrid, there's 'Guernica' at the Reina Sofía. Wish I was

    Oh and what about one camera, one lens and a couple of rolls of
    Tri-X. See what happens when not loaded down like a mule?

  59. Don't miss Goya's Black Paintings and Velazquez at the Prado in Madrid, and Park Retiro.
  60. >I'm leaving Saturday for London-Hamburg-Warsaw-Krakow and Zakopane

    Paul come to Gdansk instead Warsaw. You won't regret.
    Cheers. Przemek.
  61. Przemek

    Maybe next time. You can show me around.
  62. Jim, not to much to add regarding your equipment list, perhaps add a couple of rolls of a mono 1600 or 3200 just in case. Add a 90mm lens if there is room to spare. Madrid - hit the Sunday market in "El Rastro". Do some people wataching and shopping around the fancy districts of Serrano/Colon. Enjoy some coffee at the terrace garden at the Hotel Ritz (I stayed there for my wedding night). Plaza Del Sol/Old town. Stroll around the park "El Retiro" is another must. Paris - have a coffee/beer at Place De La Contrescarpe in the 5th arr, behind The Pantheon, then stroll down Rue Mouffetard (Sat & Sun market). Don't forget to visit the new Cartier-Bresson museum. Stupid/unnecessary comments: Grant might be a photographer with an accomplished eye, albeit being all digital insisting on hanging out at a 35mm film rangefinder forum, however, he has a aweful attitude. Even though he has shown some excellent street work here, that attitude is just inexcusable and should be grounds for being banned. Jeff, same goes for you for supporting his statements. You might be a moderator at some other forum, then again you don't shoot Leicas either... Just let solid members like Jim post the questions he likes. Resist the urge to rain on someone else's parade. Or eat Prozac!
  63. “…that attitude is just inexcusable and should be grounds for being banned.”
    Yes, this place is far to unruly, we should call the moderators to police every action. We should demand that this forum be scrubbed clean of every post that anyone may potentially find offensive…
    And then what would you have? A boring, lifeless series of comments where everyone agrees with everyone and there isn’t so much a single raised eyebrow. Well guess what that’s not what I want in my Leica forum. Do you realize how many of these questions get asked repeatedly? Do you really want to reduce the answers that they elicit to a list of rote comments? Because if you do then what you’re really doing is reducing this forum to a FAQ. Think about how exciting would that be?
    So Patrick incase you think your doing us all a favor by calling for more moderation I’d like to be the first to tell you you’re not.
    P.S. Nice picture, well timed.
  64. stephen, i am certainly not in favor of over-moderation of this forum, but where does it end? how much abuse should one take from specific individuals? i'm all for spice and people taking different stands in discussions, but just adding stupid negative comments one after another... there are reasons why i'm posting fewer and fewer comments here...
  65. Patrick, you have to understand, what you consider abuse I consider entertainment. In fact I would go so far as to actually say that this is the most interesting “what camera/lens/film should I bring” thread in a long time. I’d hate to think this forum would be so sanitized as to prohibit even this type of mild exchange.
    So does that mean I think anything goes? No, not at all. My litmus test of whether I should post a comment is always the same: would I say what ever I’m typing to someone in person? For instance would I offer up a hurtful or racist diatribe to someone? Never. But would I ask someone whose photographic work I respect why they would need to ask us what film they should use? Absolutely. And this is just what Grant did.
    And to go even a bit further, I respectfully suggest that Grant’s comments (and most importantly his delivery) actually do some good in this group. Why? Because they cause a reaction. And I’m willing to bet that a single strong negative reaction often causes more discussion and reflection than two-dozen politely phrased “I love Tri-X” comments ever would.
    So is Grant perfect? No, of course not, he hasn’t even mastered the craft of spelling, punctuation, and grammar (insert smiley thingy).
    But then again he takes a hell of a decent picture…So don’t leave the group or post less, do the opposite, grow a thick skin and dive in, be a little more honest, even if you think it may piss someone off.
  66. stephen, i respect your point of view, and i partially agree, e.g. that there needs to be different point of views. but imagine if all of us posted toxic comments on all post just to cause/stire a reaction?! there is a big difference between having an opposing point of view and simply firing of a tacky/inflamtory comment.

    hence, i'm not attacking grant as a photographer per se, we all know that he is quite accomplished in that department, but I for one is just getting too fed up with negative/louse/rude attitude. it's cheap.
  67. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    Marvin Gaye (bless his soul) was not God. Eric Clapton is. :)
  68. We don't have to agree with everyone everytime a question is put up. Anyone can give one liners that stabs one's heart easily. I can do that if I wanna in every single thread to every single picture post.
    But some chose not to. I chose not to. What's the point? It's so easy it's embarassing to do so IMO.
    DOn't go around like with a chip on your shoulders. DOn't think that because you take some nice pictures, everyone who talks about gear or ask stupid questions( in your book) are worthless contributors.
    You opened a "tools" thread just to tell the poster he should know better? what for?
  69. Tony, I doubt it. Why? No "Clapton is God" graffiti has been spotted since Marvin made it big time.
  70. Sorry Travis, I know what you're getting at but I can't quite agree in full. Grant's bluntness doesn't include name calling or profanity, and it always concerns his own feelings about photography and how one pursues it. None of that is in common with what disrupted the forum and turned it into chaos a few weeks ago.

    Maybe it takes a stab at the heart for people to wake up about certain things. To have one's feelings hurt isn't always a bad thing, sometimes it clears the way for growth. In any case, to express an opinion aggressively is anyone's right, and that's all I can see that happened here. A learning place isn't always just nicey nice stuff, and if it's not anti-social it needs to be accepted. It's one thing to constantly make a spectacle of yourself over nothing, it's entirely something else to express what you feel strongly about and occaisionally ruffle some feathers. Grant has lots that's positive to contribute here. Others with nothing behave much worse.
  71. I just feel Jim don't deserve such treatment. Besides, this is a sorta gear forum. The point grant has been trying to make in all his posts is clear and simple--->" I make good pics with any gear, and discussing gears are for nerds etc. Go out and shoot some pics. What lenses, what bodies, does it matter?".
    Yes I have seen him used the word "nerd" on others before and I also agree to an extent what his motto has always been.
    I just feel that most of his targets aren't kids and they can think for themselves. Perhaps they have done all those and are now just chilling out in a forum as a way to pass time---geartalk comes to mind. WHat's wrong?

    This is not an academy of fine arts school, it's just an internet forum. Give others some breathing space is all I ask.
    I strongly believe grant can extent his contribution in many other ways besides one liners telling others how stupiud or nerdy they are.

    Like I said, anyone can say the same, anytime, anywhere. Whatever for?

    Ok you win.
  72. that's "stupid". My bad.
  73. Uh oh, this thread's been hijacked. What happened to the Leica talk? Jim, did you get any useful answers? Have a good trip . . .
  74. It's his viewpoint, nothing more. "get real". How is that calling someone stupid? It's his idea of a reality check, right or wrong. As you yourself have suggested before in other situations, nothing is stopping people from saying what they think. This is a forum, that's what forums are for. It's not an Academy, but it's also not a closed private club. This thread isn't open just to people who think a certain way. If the comments were inappropriate, they would have been deleted.
    Place it in the context of the person. Look at the balance of the positive against the negative. Any self respecting photographer here is going to give this person the benefit of the doubt at this point and for some time to come. Spend your energy finding more worthy subjects. With all respect to Jim, he could have laughed it off. Besides which, they've made up I'd guess!
    G'night! ;)
  75. I believe there's nothing else to discuss in the leica forum...since all the regulars here obviously have experience shooting some pix, no need to ask anything on gears anymore, just go out and experiment.

    I am also with David on this, why even post any pix since either we know what we want or we should just go experiment? gold.
    nothing else to add.
    Sorry Jim for hijacking your post.
  76. For the life of me I can find nothing wrong with these questions, regardless of who asked. (I imagine we'd all feel flattered if Salgado got feeling suddenly chummy and conversational and logged on to ask a similar question - "For the past few years I've been using Tri-X, but for my upcoming holiday I'm thinking of trying some color stuff. Thought I'd get some input from this great forum.What would you guys suggest?"<p>Anyway,the objection seems to be based on a conjecture that such an accomplised photographer as Jim must have an ulterier motive to be asking such questions. But why not give him the benefit of doubt and answer the questions asked? (as grant eventually did).<p>I like the suggestion to take a 75 or 90 - but it's clear from your lens choices that you favor the wides and probably use the fifty as your telephoto - so a longer lens is discretionary and probably gratuitous. On the wide end I agree that 28 won't be enough for where you are going. A better combination would be 24-35-50.<p>As for film, I second the suggestion of Provia 100 and NPZ 800 (watch the reds with this one). Have you tried Scala? Tailor made for Old World streets. Also, one of the ultra-fast B&W fims. Have a pleasant trip.
  77. Marvin?



    ...mere amateurs


    As for your choices, the only thing i really have to say about any of it is, that if you are going to use the Neopan 1600 for night shooting.....the ONLY developer for it is PMK Pyro....IMHO
  78. OK this thing has been fun. Some interesting sugestions that I will check out
    before I go. Still going with the small kit... a good hunk of HP5 (which I can
    push to 1600 with no sweat)... color had some great sugestions .

    As far a God goes if Hendricks is it, the Jim Marshall is God portraitist... thank
    God you're not dealing with Marshall one on one in this kind of discussion
    LOL Then, maybe.... grant is god? could be...
  79. It's time to get serious. All this controversy is making me sick. So many FOOLS on this forum. People who don't LISTEN. People who CAN'T listen. Why I waste my time reading this drivel. The truth; the indisputable truth:

    John Coltrane IS.

    Hendrix, Clapton, even marvelous Marvin, barely fit to wash his mouthpiece. Their music is to his as burgers,sausage and angelfood cake are to a five course meal + wine at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, or the Chez Paul in Chicago.

    Mani, Tony, Thomas. Put away your silly 45s and get yourselves nourished.
  80. OK, this is getting me riled. You dumbasses, it's MILES. Co-God: Dylan.
  81. speaking of god....
    <img src="">
  82. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    I saw him too.
    God, Copyright 2003 Jeff Spirer
  83. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    Wait a minute, here. This is getting way out of hand. I'm not sure where some of you are getting your information, and, frankly, I don't give a flea's patoot either way. I am just livid with rage here. I just can't believe internet forums sometimes. This thread makes me want to get up and SCREAM, because, well, the fact remains that Clapton was, is, and always will be God. :-0
  84. Jim Marshall would agree that Coltrane is... geez and all I was really asking
    for was some film suggestions... what a hoot : )
  85. Jim,

    Have you considered Agfa Scala? Strictly for viewing, not for printing, for which HP5 or Agfa APX100 are choices. Scala will make Europe look, well, very European.
  86. some of God's work...
  87. oops....
  88. What John Lo Pinto said. But I'm Hindu so god has more than one face: Billie Holiday, Al Green. Beethoven.
  89. [​IMG] We got to fulfil de book
  90. nerds, it's James Brown and Van Morrison as the assistant. Get real.
  91. Thinking of converting to the Hindu faith.......
  92. Fools...<br>
    Don't you know that there is NO God.
  93. Is too.

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