Too much yellow in my pictures

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  1. Hi everyone. I need someone to critique and advise me on my pictures. I see too
    much yellow in my images and I don't know how to adjust for it. Also it seems
    like my pictures are typically washed out in parts or have hot spots where I
    thought I'd exposed correctly for. Can you compare the two images and let me
    know what you think I can do differently?

  2. I think the one on the right is better. With photoshop elements or photoshop, use levels, just the blue channel. If you have curves, select the blue one and adjust the center point to upper left or lower right.

    Typically photos have areas that get too light or too dark. In the darkroom, we burn and dodge these small areas. Photoshop has burn and dodge tools. Sometimes even better is to make a new layer, layer- new- change blending mode to overlay-check the box that says fill with 50% grey. Now paint on that layer with white to lighten- black to darken.

    See The Lights Right Studio, digital darkroom tab, go to video tutorials, for a nice lesson.
  3. Are you calibrating your monitor? Do you happen to be using a Sigma lens? My photos looked fine on my monitor, but I noticed that lab was having to correct for a yellow color cast. I bought a monitor calibration system (Monaco Optix X-rite), and that helped immensely. I was also using a Sigma 18-50 f/2.8, which sharpness-wise was fine, but once I was able to try similar Canon and Tamron lenses on the same body it was obvious the Sigma added some yellow. I still use the lens, but am more aware of correcting for the color cast.
  4. Thanks for the help. The picture on the right is the one that I corrected using selective color to get out the yellow tones. I don't know why there is always so much of a yellow cast to my pictures. I checked and it happens with all my lenses not just one or the other. Also, all my lenses are Canon lenses. I have a UV filter on them all but I've not tried to take any comparison pictures to see if that could be the problem. It was just recently serviced so other than that, I have to assume that I'm doing something wrong or my camera is just destined to take yellow toned pictures.
    Thanks for your help.
  5. Have you tried changing white balance settings within your camera for shooting

    I don't see a lot of yellow in the one on the left but I do see a noticeable magenta-ish
    cast on the one on the right. The one on left looks more accurate to what I actually
    see outdoors which has quite a bit of yellow at the time of day when the sun is just
    above the trees. Bright midday will have a slight bluish cast to neutrals like concrete
    and black top asphalt. Caucasian skintone will look somewhat desaturated as well with
    a pinkish hue especially in the subject posted.

    Try increasing the blue using the bottom left slider in PS's Levels. I also suspect your
    monitor isn't calibrated to a reliable state. Both renderings are quite acceptable.

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