Toho FC-45X - International standard back?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by peter_langfelder, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. I'm trying to find out whether the Toho FC-45X camera has an
    international standard back and/or if it can take 120 roll film
    holders (say of the type Horseman makes for their 4x5 cameras). Any
    info is greatly appreciated!
  2. Yes and no - on my FC-45X, it's certainly an international standard back in the sense that it accepts (of course) standard 4x5 film holders and roll film holders that slip under the ground glass (like Sinar Zoom, Linhof Rapid Rolex etc.).<br>
    But there are no Graflok hinges, so I'm afraid you're out of luck with the kind of rollfilm holders that are attached to the camera instead of the groundglass back (and AFAIK the Horseman rollfilm backs are of this type).<br>
    I read however that the FC-45X was/is delivered with 2 slightly different backs, one where the groundglass/film holder frame is made of hard plastic (like on my camera) and another where this part is made of metal. So maybe the metal back has the Graflok hinges...
  3. Ditto.

    I've had a Horseman Technical 6 x 9 camera for over 30 years with Horseman roll film backs. The Horseman graflok rollfilm backs will not work with my Toho FC-45X. If I wanted to use a roll film back, I would have to get a conventional unit which goes under the gg back the way the film holders do. Ditto for a polaroid back.

    Fortunately, since I have the Horseman, I have no use for a roll film back on my 4 x 5 Toho. If I did get a 120 roll film back for the Toho, when using it, my wide angle 90 mm lens would become a normal lens (with limited movement) and I would have to get a 65 mm or lower focal length lens for wide angle use, and it would be very hard to use with the Toho.

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