To Mom/Dad, With Love

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  1. Posted before...... Mum & Dads.jpg
  2. 018a Papás Comida Bebé. TeleElmar 135 f11 1-1000.jpg Leica M4-2. Tele-Elmar 135. 1/1000 at f11. Kodak Ultramax 400 desaturated with PS
  3. Mom and Dad.jpg

    A Kodak Moment of Mom and we kids, Dad takes picture.....
    37 years pass, Wife and I return to same spot, I take picture.
    Thanks Mom and Dad for teaching me the value of photographs....
  4. Mom and Dad, about 1970 Scan-160716-0005.jpg
  5. Family ablutions
    Jami Masjid, Delhi
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  6. Mom and Dad, ca. 1938.

    Mom & Pop (Early)  jpeg.jpg

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