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Discussion in 'Business of Photography' started by sibilskyj, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Hello all, I was hoping for some suggestions for different packages to offer
    customers. I go on location and photograph dogs in action or in their favorite
    places doing their favorite things, well you get the idea. As a dog owner, or a
    photographer, what kind of packages would you be interested in. Thanks in
    advance for all input.
  2. When you talk to the client, try to find out how well-trained the dog is. If the dog is well-trained, it makes everything a lot easier (see attachment). Otherwise, just shoot a lot. One tip for posed shots is to put the dog on a pedastal, so as to make him stay. Have th owner get the dog's attention, so as to get him to look in the right direction. --Scot
  3. As a dog owner, I'd be most interested in seasonal cards/photographs I could send to friends
    and family. In fact, I've seen one local photographer do fairly good business going to
    relatively upscale pet stores and creating a holiday scene (e.g., christmas, halloween, etc.)
    where the dogs just get in the picture and he shoots.
  4. Joseph, I've never liked the idea of "packages". Each client will be different and will want different things. Charge for your shooting and processing time. Then, charge for prints a la carte. I can tell you from my own experience that clients will spend more that way. If you have a package, they will tend to order within that package limit. Without one, they order exactly what they really want. In most cases, I would disagree with the idea of using a pedestal with dogs. With cats, it's a different story, they prefer more order in their lives. Let the dogs be dogs. It's more fun for them and for you!

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