Tips for shooting San Fermin??

Discussion in 'Travel' started by klix, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. I'm going to Pamplona (among other cities) in 3 weeks. Any tips for
    shooting the Running of the Bulls??

    Ideally, I'd like to find some elevated place like a balcony or roof,
    but from what I've read, you'd have to reserve those. Street level
    might be tough, and very crowded.

    Also from what I've gathered, the streets are very narrow and only
    one straightaway. In an attempt to travel light, I'me leaving the big
    SLR and zoom lenses at home, and bring only an RF and a few lenses.
    What prime lenses would you recommend??

  2. It would be hard to shoot the running from street level. There are high barriers and so many people that you literally can not move.

    Last year we had no trouble finding a balcony on the straightaway, a half block down from the big corner. Just walk along the route the afternoon before and look for "balcony for rent" signs. I too was traveling light and left the long lenses at home, but when shooting from the balcony I was wishing for a telephoto. Without it, you can't really get a frontal view as they come down the street - you have to wait until they're closer, and then your perspective is more from above.

    Aside from the running of the bulls, my 20mm was probably the most useful lens, with all the narrow streets, colorful crowds, etc. There is so much going on in Pamplona that week, it's just incredible, but exhausting.

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