Tips for Large Group Photo (70-80 people)

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  1. I've been commissioned to shoot a large group photo (a society reunion) at a(n American) football stadium in about 2 months' time and am now in the process of research ahead of the shoot. My challenge is how best to capture the stadium and the group without necessarily posing the group on the bleachers or doing something cliche.

    I know my way around cameras and lenses and plan to bring along a fairly tall step ladder. However, I am a strong proponent of continuous learning, so I'm here to ask for tips from others who may have shot this sort of thing before.

    I am toying with the idea of having them pose on the grounds and form the shape of the society's initials.

    It will be a mid-morning shoot in the northern hemisphere so it will be summer and likely sunny.

    Any tips to get this done in a unique way would be very welcome! Shooting position, lenses, lighting, etc. Show and tells very welcome!

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    Thanks in advance!
  2. If you were commissioned maybe you should be speaking to the client to discuss what they would like. I would also scout out the location as you get closer to the shoot date to see how lighting is during your scheduled time of shooting. Find the best angle that shows off the stadium then add the people.
  3. Furthering what Michael Mowery said, you might want to see if they will do a different time of day. If you have sun directly overhead it's going to be potentially uncomfortable for your subjects, plus you'll be fighting shadows. Doing it at a time of day when the sun is blocked by a stadium wall might provide you with a more consistent lighting situation. Then again, you could just pray for a cloudy day. :)
  4. IF you can, I second Mike's recommendation to do a scouting trip.
    Bring some friends, to be the 4 corners of the group of people. And carefully figure out how much space that group will take up, because it is very easy to over or under estimate this. Been there, done that, more than once :(
  5. Assuming you know most of the tips offered, and you are just looking for ideas ...

    That is tough to do without specifics. What society? What do they do, or what do they stand for? The though would be to customize the shoot more exclusively to them.

    I agree with the tip to discuss any idea with the client before committing to it. They very well may simply want a record of who's who at the gathering.

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