Tips for lacrosse photography needed

Discussion in 'Sports' started by a._valerio, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. I'm photographing division 1 men's lacrosse tomorrow, and I have never photographed lacrosse before. I'd like tips for photographing the game, and any important information that I should know about NCAA rules for lacrosse photography such as whether photographers are allowed to stand or have to kneel, and where we are allowed.
    Also, I'm a bit concerned about safety. Are photographers allowed to wear a helmet in case the ball hits you in the head? Does anyone ever wear one (no, I am not kidding)?
  2. NCAA website may have (I know they do for Baseball and a few other sports) the rules for photographers on the sidelines.
    I'm guessing that the rules are basically stay out the field of play, don't go in the team area (football photographers are allowed between the goal line and i think 30 yard line... then there's a dead zone.)
    As for what to shoot - watch the ball...follow it - focus on faces too... also goalies.
    Helmet - no - never done one myself - although I've thought about it for baseball a few times. - Keep you eyes and ears open and watch the action.
  3. Thanks. While this is my first time shooting lacrosse (actually first time at a game) I've been shooting hockey the past few weeks, and after a while I didn't find hockey that bad. Is lacrosse any harder to shoot than hockey?
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  5. One big thing about lacrosse is to not stand behind the goal area, unless there is netting or fencing up in the court. Not only are the lacrosse balls quite heavy and hard, but can reach insane speeds near the goalzone. Also, if the ref sees you back behind the net, he has to stop gameplay until you move, and no one likes that.
    Lacrosse is a very different shooting environment than hockey is. The play area is larger, and the courts are normally outdoors, with quite a few more visual distractions in the background. Keep an eye out around the edges of your frame!
  6. Ok, I shot my first ever lacrosse game this morning. It went pretty well. Thanks for the advice.
  7. I use to play lacrosse 10+ years feel free to ask rules of the game.... On the other hand I have been wanting be able to photograph some Lacrosse games where does one go about getting a pass? Lacrosse is not as high key of a sport I think a pass would a lot easier.

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