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  1. I own a Minolta CLE, and I'd like to buy a Minolta PX280 flash to use with it.
    I've never used flash before but I'd like to experiment a little bit. It will be used for general photography(street, low-light situations...), no portrait yet.
    Any tips on using TTL flash with this rangefinder? Is there any difference in using flash with a rangefinder or a SLR?
    Thank you
  2. The Minolta 280px is not the best flash for the CLE. Yo must use a flash that you can select the manual or automatic, with light sensor and f selection. The 280px is for use with Minolta cameras, with Program function.
  3. I quick review of the CLE manual seems to indicate that only an Electroflash CLE flash will give you TTL off-the-film auto flash. So, I believe Juan is correct.
    According to the CLE manual, any X-series flash can be used (those without the "P", I believe). These have a sensor in the flash to determine the exposure. The 320X is a nice flash, although it is rather large, it was the top of the line from that era. I have a bunch of them.
  4. Flash works in the same way with all cameras. If the shutter is a focal plane one, sync speed is relatively slow. You are not tied to flashes made by Minolta: any flash with a sensor will serve. Juan and Matthew have covered TTL flash with the CLE.
  5. Thank you for the replies.
    I'm kind of confused because i read in a couple of websites that the CLE works great with the PX series Minolta flash, and that you'll get TTL exposure in auto mode. On top of that I know that Minolta flashes are the only one with a build in safety switch which prevents shorting out the CLE's electronics.
    The latter was my primary motivation on using an PX flash.
    Anyway thank you for the replies
  6. If other flashes pose a danger to the CLE's electronics, then of course you must get one made by Minolta.

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