Tiny flowers

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  1. In this case with Sima Soft Focus lens
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  2. NW.jpg
    This is actually 1:2 with my Tamron 90 macro (172E vintage), so the subject qualifies as tiny!
    Focus-stacked from 9 images in Affinity Photo (my first attempt)
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  6. Canon 20D. Can't remember which lens.

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  7. Nikon D200, Nikon 50mm f1.8D lens plus Opteka 10X screw on macro lens.
  8. Nikon D300 with the f/2.9 105 macro lens -- focus stacked in Zerene, but I cannot remember how many images in the stack.
    Alien Pink.jpg
  9. OK -- It was an f/2.8 lens -- I just can't type.

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