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  1. I have recently begun tray developing FP4 8x10 sheets in Rodinal
    1+25, 8 minutes, Ilford Ilfam Rapid fix, wash and photo-flo. I
    notice that there is a pink tint to the film base. <BR><BR>
    After reading older articles, I suspected: 1) anti-halation (but I
    soaked longer and it didn't help and the layer is bluish anyway;
    also, I developed Bergger BFP200 without a similar problem) or 2)
    improper fixing (but I refixed the first lot as suggested and fully
    fixed the second, both with new batches of fixer and per
    Possibly FP4 just has a pink base tint? It is on the edges outside
    of the film image area as well as a lighter overall pink cast. The
    negatives all printed wonderfully on Azo developed with Ansco 130 as
    well as via VanDyke and Cyanotype. Any suggestions would be
    TIA, Richard
  2. Richard, I have noticed the same thing with FP-4+ in 4x5. It has been suggested that inadequate fixing is the cause but I disagree. After I first noticed this I went out and got a new bottle of fixer (Ilford Universal Rapid ) and as an experiment left the film in the fix for an hour with frequent agitation - it did nothing to reduce the purple/pink color. I've tried extended baths in Perma-Wash, Kodak HCA, and even washing for over 45 min. all with the same results.

    I don't think the color is due to anti-halation layer but rather a sensitizing dye. If you do a water pre-soak with FP-4+ you'll see the water comes out a weird turquoise color. With most films the anti-halation layer usually washes out easily.

    This problem is discussed in The Film Development Cookbook, and although the discussion is in regard to T-Grain films I think it describes the situation you mention with FP-4+ pretty well. By the way, I've also used the method discussed by Anchell and Troop to try to eliminate the color with FP-4+, again to no avail. Although I am not a fan of T-Grain films I've never had this problem when using them, even with shorter fix times and omission of the HCA wash.

    I guess this isn't really a solution but I just decided to ignore it since it doesn't seem to affect the print. If you're really interested, you might try contacting David Carper from Ilford who occasionally chimes in on the B&W forum. There is a recent post by him where you can get the Ilford US support e-mail address.

  3. I do not have a pink tint to my FP4plus negs. Developed in Neofin Blue, or
    Rodinal, they are fixed in TF4, which might make the difference, I don't know.
  4. "The negatives all printed wonderfully" - So, what's the problem?
  5. When compared to Kodak's films. there is a slight difference but if processed well there is no problem.
  6. I've noticed the same thing with XTOL and fresh T Fixer with FP4. I've been testing FP4 lately and FB+F is .09-.10 with the red tint, which all things being equal, is about right. I'm not a super expert but I can't get rid of it and it does not seem to matter. (However, with T Max films, which I won't use anymore, this signaled exhausted fixer for me.)

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