Time lapse with Nikon D70s?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by bon_sawyer, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    Is there any way of doing time lapse photography with the Nikon D70s
    (or D100) without a laptop computer? Maybe some kind of third-party
    device that plugs into the remote socket?

    I'm surprised that Nikon don't offer a remote with an interval timer
    function, given that they do offer one for some of their Coolpix
    models... or do they?


  2. the D70 has a wireless remote, not the solution you are probably looking for, but it could be a hack. you did not indicate what your time delay is, perhaps the built in time delay is close enough? you can click every time the camera takes a picture, and the timer times again.
  3. I think I have a solution for you check out this product called digisnap by harbortronics
  4. Thanks for the responses.

    Frank- that approach could work, but I would rather something more automated for convenience/consistency. I think I read that the newer D70s has a wired socket in addition to the infrared remote, but could be wrong... will have to do some more reading.

    Lukas- thanks for the link! Looks very promising. They mention that the D70 is compatible, but requires modification. I'll e-mail them to see if this is also the case with the D70s.


  5. When the D70/D70s is attached to a coputer via the usb cable you can use Nikon Capture Control as an intervalometer. This will allow you to to time lapse photography.
  6. "Is there any way of doing time lapse photography with the Nikon D70s (or D100) without a laptop computer?"

    "When the D70/D70s is attached to a computer via the usb cable you can use Nikon Capture Control as an intervalometer."

  7. C'mon, Andy, "Think different", as the annoying Mac slogan goes.

    It might be possible to load Nikon Capture camera control into a device *other than* a laptop. Surely some clever person can figure out how to do this with a compact device with limited computing capabilities that is just good enough for this particular purpose.

    I've seen some pretty amazing hacks online that mutated devices far beyond the original designers' intents.

    Years ago a popular device for this was the old Tandy Model 100/102, the original laptop. What it lacked in computing power was more than made up for by the imagination and programming ability of individuals who used these to track seismic activity; as sophisticated timers to program complex exposures for enlarging prints in the darkroom; and more uses than I can even recall at the moment.

    Granted, the Model 100/102 was the size of many of today's far more powerful notebooks, but the concept is the same: wring the greatest possible use out of a seemingly limited device.

    There are plenty of "obsolete" PDAs and similar devices out there waiting to be hacked by a clever person. That fits neatly within the category of "some kind of third-party device that plugs into the remote socket".
  8. alright, fair point. windows CE device maybe? if it were me, I might rather crack open a wireless or wired remote and hook a standard electronic intervalometer to the button leads. I think you're limited to no more than 15 minutes between shots though, or it'll shut off.
  9. I'm not sure about the D70s but the Pocket Wizard folks make a cord that attaches to certain cameras including the D2H to keep them "awake".
  10. "...without a laptop computer" I guess I should have paid more attention when I was learning how too read. Doh!
  11. one problem with Nikon Capture and a laptop is the long intervals
    I'm trying to shoot at least every 2 secs but it takes 5-6 secs between shots.

    There has to be a way that the camera makes the pic and puts it into the CF card! That'd be th only way to make better interval photography
  12. right. the d70, unlike the d100, does not have a shutter release cable port. it only has an infrared receiver. on the d100 it was self explanatory enough to make an external intervalometer running to the port, but i have not found anyway short of disassembling the d70 shutter button to hook my old intervalometer to it... which i would NEVER do! the new firmware v2.00 doesn't have an intervalometer either.. which really disappointed me.

    so i run a program called 'OmniRemote' on a really old palm with an infrared transmitter.. which talks to the d70 just like that expensive remote would do. OmniRemote v1.171 (the only version i could get working correctly) has a timer feature in it that will send a signal out the IR port at a schedualed interval... it takes some creativity to send the click at a few seconds apart as the program only lets you do it every 20sec or so. so make a macro in the program with regular pauses and clicks.. you'll see what i mean. i had to find the code for the d70's IR on the internet, lemme know if anybody wants it, im not sure if i should post it here. this situation works pretty well tho, with tho only problem being changing the batts in the palm every 8 hours or so., but then it is also neccessary to change my card by that point too, as it is full of pics...

    for very long timelapses i also recommend a flashtrax or vosonic portable HD/card reader.. .i just got my vosonic 100gb the other day, and i believe it is about to make my life alot easier!
  13. for the D70s you can a remote control with a "time lapse" function JJC TM-G for example.
    But I cant find one for the D70 someone has an idea? or can someone tell me whether this Remote Control also works with the D70?

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