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  1. OK, folks, I've been cleaning out some shelves, and I'm coming to some good stuff. Please read the descriptions carefully, and if you like what you see, please email me, either by getting my email here, or by using the last name shown here - the provider is at shoreham dot net. Please make sure you put a header on your message as my spam filter eats untitled emails. I'll try to check the spam filter and try to be fair, but cannot make too many guarantees. First email I get = I send the specified item, I pay slow surface postage. It would be nice if people getting these would run some film through them and show results here, but I will not demand it.
    Owing to time conflicts and the like, please email.
    I'm finding that I just have more film cameras than I know what to do with. You will not likely ever see any Nikons or Minolta SLR's here, nor the Miranda, nor a few others, nor my masive collection of spare Olympus XA variants (I think I have seven or eight), so don't worry. I'm not quitting or anything, just thinning!
    So here we go;
    1: A Konica C35V. This is a zone focusing, auto exposure compact 35, with a 38/2.8 lens. The meter works, and it has a bag style case and its original box. I have not tried, but it looks as if it works.
    2. A Yashica Minister D. 45/2.8 lens, manual and auto, rangefinder. The meter works. It has a leather case in poor condition. The rangefinder works, but the frame lines are loose inside. I used this some years ago and at that time it worked very well and made fine images. It's hefty and well made.
    3: A Minolta Hi-Matic 7. A rangefinder with a 45/1.8 Rokkor lens. The rangefinder is good, the camera is clean, and the meter appears to work. I tried this a few years ago without a meter battery. It worked well and made nice, crisp images. No case. One of the nicest fixed lens RF cameras I've used.
    4: A Yashica FX-7. This is a basic SLR. It has a match-diode meter that works well, takes Yashica/Contax lenses. It has a self timer that also works. No case, and the leatherette on the body is worn to gray felt - Yashica had bad leather for a while - and it needs light seals. I have used this, with a partially successful fabric light seal. It exposes well and has sharp lenses but it leaks light. Comes with a Yashica 42-75 F3.5-4.5 zoom, and a 50/1.7 normal lens. I used that zoom a lot with an older, now dead Yashica FX-1, and found it very nice. If you fix the light seals on this camera it will make very good pictures.
    5: I do find I have more 50 mm. Minolta lenses than I have Minoltas. I have a couple of extra 50/1.7 MD lenses. One is the later type with 49 mm. filter threads, and one the earlier with 55 mm. threads. Common as dirt, but some of the nicest 50's you'll find anywhere.
    6: A Polaroid 220 camera in what looks like working condition. This is a big plastic folding camera with auto exposure and a coarse coupled rangefinder. It takes pack film that is apparently still available, and uses a fairly exotic 4.5 volt battery which also seems to be available, though conversion to 3 AA or AAA cells might be possible too. Includes the instruction book and cold pack, that live inside the front cover. There's a little life left in the battery, but I don't know if it's enough to work.
    Probably more to come, but that should do for now.
  2. Not surprisingly, the Himatic 7 has been snapped up. RM gets priority there, along with the 49 mm. Minolta 50.
  3. Very generous, Matthew. I don't see anything I really want, but I'm sure you won't have trouble finding good homes for this gear. Looks like a good opportunity for newcomers to this forum to get a nice intro into classic gear.
  4. Good for you.
  5. Update: as of this morning, it looks as if everything is spoken for except for the Yashica FX-7.
    Hopefull, all will be useful. The Polaroid is heading (I hope) for the Republic of Georgia, and I wish it well on its long journey!
  6. Matthew I sent an email last night/yesterday asking for the Yashica kit! I am in Europe but I can give you
    my Dad's address in Maryland. I will be visiting in August anyway! I would like a god mini zoom like you
    mention here and a good 1.7. is appreciated too.
  7. Chuck, I must have missed the email, or maybe it got caught in the spam filter. Try sending again with address, and I'll put you down for it. Maryland should be easy.
  8. Matthew, I received the Yashica Minister-D and am excited about using it. I hope to replace the light seals in the next few days and try it out. Thank you again for your generosity!
  9. Ok Matthew I first used "send user" now I have chosen the option using your name... I hope this works!
  10. Yes, Chuck Foreman, it worked, and as of today, all articles have been claimed.
  11. Hi Matthew.. My father called to report the package has arrived!! Thanks.. I won't take possesion until
    August though! I told him to go for it!!
  12. Matthew, Thank you again. I posted results from my first roll here: http://www.photo.net/classic-cameras-forum/00e2op

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