Tiltall Head removal

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by colin_elliott, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. I have Leitz Tiltall tripod and would like to replace the P/T head
    with a Ballhead.
    Does anyone know how to remove the Pan head to accomplish this.
    Has anyone done it?
  2. Colin, Raise the post and hold it firm. Then rotate the head counter clockwise. It should come off easilt. It is also possible that the plug will come off out of the post along with the head. See second picture. Then simply grasp the flange on the plug tightly (in a vise?) and unscrew the head, and then replace the plug in the post. Easier to show than to explain... see photos. (once I figure out how to upload the photos...
  3. How do I add a photo?
  4. I hope this works...
  5. Jack, No pictures showing but appreciate your comments.
    Are you saying the head just unscrews from the centre post?
    There is a small bolt head around the base of the head; should this be loosened/removed first?
  6. Sorry, I was unable to load the pictures (learning curve). My Tiltall has no bolt around the base of the head. Maybe there is more than one model? On mine, I just held the post and turned the head using the long locking handle. It was stiff at first. Try that. If I had a bolt there, I would try loosening it a little and see what happens. Meanwhile, I will try to upload the pix. today.
  7. Jack, Thanks for the pics. I will try this later today and hope for success. The bolt actually is more of a self-tapping screw with hex head. Just like the ones at the top of the legs by the collar. You can adjust these to effect tension when spreading the legs, though I've never had the need to. It lies on the part of the head that bears the manufacturer's nameplate and may put some pressure on an internal split collar (???)
    My Leitz Tiltall is a mid/late 70's vintage,purchased new and is full size.
  8. No hex head bolt on the head of my Tiltall. It must be an older model. I inherited it from a friend. NOTE: I have an old Star-D PRO tripod that has a head like you describe (with the screw). When I removed the screw, the head just pulled off. I discovered it was quite different from my Tiltall. The column, with its raw edges, is simply slipped into the bottom recess of the adjustable head and bolted on with the self-tapping screw. I will e-mail a pix of that one. If that is the way your Tiltall is, it may be difficult finding a ball head to fit.

  9. I have a copy of the tiltall tripod and what I did was remove the center column entirely and run a long Eye-bolt up the center to attach the ball head. I had to use a large washer on the bottom. The reason I used a eye-bolt was I attached a Carabineer key chain so that I could use my camera case as a weight to steady the tripod. John Gettis

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