Tilt-Shift Lenses Ssed with Canon Teleconverters?

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  1. Hello all,
    Does anyone have any experience using any of the EF-mount TS lenses (24, 45, or 90-mm) with either the Canon 1.4x or 2x teleconverters? Are they compatible? Anyone have any examples if so?
    -thanks in advance,
  2. I can't swear to it (since I don't own one myself), but I believe that you can mount the TCs on the 90mm TS lens. I don't think they can be mounted on the 24 or 45mm lenses.
  3. I just put a 2x on my 24mm TS-E. It fits and works.
  4. Both extenders seem to work fine on all three TS lenses, far better than I would have expected. There's obviously some loss of quality, as there always is with an extender, but when there's no alternative, there really isn't a standard reference. The TS-E 90 with a 2× isn't as sharp as the 180 macro, but if you need the tilt, the 180 isn't an option. A similar situation arises if you need a 35 mm lens with shift. Consequently, I've never put much effort into making comparisons.
    One small caveat, though—the extender isn't recognized by the camera, so the f -number shown in the viewfinder isn't correct (e.g., a TS lens used with a 1.4× extender and set to f /4 will indicate f /4 even though the effective aperture is f /5.6. It's not a problem if you meter through the lens before shifting or tilting, but you need to adjust if you use an external meter.
  5. I stand corrected!
  6. zml


    Canon 1.4x TC + a 24 mm T/S on a 1Ds3. The presence of the TC is not reported to the camera but that's a non-issue for me. Works like a charm.
  7. I second that a 1.4x works on a 24 - I got the tip from none other than Norman McGrath at one of his workshops.....
  8. I would suppose that the main reason for using a TS-E lens on a teleconverter is to get the tilt function for something like product photography ?
    However, if there is any need someone has for a really long shift lens, the wonderful old Pentacon 6TL (6x6) 180mm f/2.8 Sonnar can be used as a shift lens on an EOS camera, since some adapters for the P6>EOS include an 11mm shift function with rotation. Believe me, the best of the Sonnars are so good that mine is one of the sharpest primes I have tried on my 20D. I confess that I personally have not found a use for a 288mm equivalent shift lens yet. ;) My old Nikkor 35mm PC lens works fine with an inexpensive adapter, but again, no tilts.
  9. The TSE90 works fine with extension tubes and extenders and close-up filters. You can even use more than one teleconverter with the 12mm extension tube in between them.
  10. Martin
    You have had all the answers already, but thought you may be interested in an article by Craig Roberts in the British "EOS MAGAZINE" for October-December 2008 (pages 52 to 57). There is a lot of detail and examples of his use of these lenses with the 1.4x MkII Extender. I've never used any of these tilt/shift lenses since my few goes at plate cameras some long time ago!
    Regards Myrddin Jones
  11. I used to make quite a bit of use of the TS24 + Extender 1.4x II combination on film to produce a "TS34", which is quite a useful focal length on FF for architecture/townscape, using the shift movement. Works better than you have any right to expect. But with digital bodies you can get pretty much the same effect by switching from a FF body (which is what the TS24 would be used with to take full advantage of its capabilities) to a 1.6-factor body. I haven't see any comparative tests, but I would guess that this is going to give better image quality. A s/h 20D body would do perfectly well, and would cost no more than a new Extender 1.4x II.
  12. Thank you all so much for your thoughtful responses, especially Michael Liczbanski for his graphic contribution! The info here has made my decision process far more clear. Also, Myrddin, I'll check out the article you recommended. Happy holidays.

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