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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by david_christoffersson, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. I'm looking for a tilt shift lens for my Canon 5D MKII, but I think the Canon original are too expensive.

    I've seen the Arax lenses on Ebay but they only have a 80mm and a 35mm and I'm looking for something in the area of 45-55mm.
    Whats my alternatives?
  2. I currently use a 17 TS-E and often use it with an EF 1.4x on my 5D II. I will eventually get a used Nikon 35mm PC manual lens (from the film days) and I anticipate being able to use it with a 1.4x as well, which would put it right in the middle of your desired range.
    I cannot guarantee that it will take a 1.4x converter and at best it would likely have to be a third party one.
    There are 3 or 4 versions of the Nikon 35 PC and it seems that the last version with black knob would be least likely to have mounting problems on a 5D II. Again no guarantees. The advantage of these lenses is that they are readily available in the $150 to $350 range so at least experimenting is not too costly.
    If mounting does become a problem, ie interference with mirror, you can use liveview without any problems, which is how one would typically use one of these anyway.
    Using any Nikon lens on a Canon body requires a cheap mechanical adapter and the use of stopped-down metering techniques. I use three Nikon lenses on my 5D II. I have owned other Nikon lenses in the past and a couple of times I have had to file off bits of metal from their mounts to fit the Canon body. Nikon users are used to these minor adaptations.
    Some people use medium format shift lenses on Canon bodies but I see none in your focal range and they too seem to be holding their value.
  3. The Samyang 24 TS lens was just announced. If the optical quality is anything like their 14mm, 35mm and 85mm this could be a
    quality, affordable wide angle perspective control lens. It looks a lot like the newer Canon 24 TS lens w/r to tilt, shift and rotation.
    Perhaps you can wait a few weeks to see the price. From the forums, it seems like a lot of people think it will be in the $800 range - but with all those elements it will probably be more. And if it's anything like their other lenses you may have to return a couple to get a keeper. They have been busy too with new cinema primes so maybe that will effect availability of this new TS lens.
  4. Oops - you're looking for something with a more standard focal length - please disregard the 24mm suggestion.
  5. The old PC-Nikkor 35mm f/2.8 with the silver knob works fine on a 5D. In fact, it's the only real reason I had for going to 35mm sensor (FX) size in the first place. It's not quite as long as you want and is shift only, of course. The PC-Nikkor always was stop-down and manual no matter what camera you use it on.
    Used on an APS-C body it might be more to your focal-length choice. I have had no experience with the Arax lenses, but the scuttlebutt around the old pot-bellied stove is not encouraging.
    Having finally got some of the others of my "dream" lenses, I am now saving pennies for the TS-E 17mm, but the 45mm version is more affordable, and probably worth saving for over the alternatives.
  6. Thank-you for your post JDM. At least now I know I can go for the silver knob version to save a bit of money. Have you tried using it with any teleconverters?
  7. No, not the PC-Nikkor with teleconverters, but I have used Nikon-mount and other teleconverters on the 5D itself, with other lenses (such as my Reflex-Nikkor mirror lenses), so I'm reasonably sure it would work.
    Just to make sure there was no difference in this regard to the 5D and the 5D mkii, I also just now tried out the PC-Nikkor on my 5Dmkii, and it works just fine.
    BTW, a sharp-eyed critic at some point will note that the lens in the 5D picture is merely mounted for the sake of getting a picture. If I had been going to use it, I would have set the camera to "Av" of course.
  8. I use a Mirex Adaptor (about $400) and old Mamiya M645 lenses which work very well. Mirex makes adaptors for Mamiya, Pentax and Hassy. I find that I use the 35 F3.5 the most (there is no change in magnification so this is a 35mm lens). I have to say that my Canon 17 F4 is amazing but since it costs more than all the Mirex / Mamiya lenses put together this is not unexpected. The IQ from the old Mamiya lenses is very good and hard to fault - I use a 5DII and I have not had any lens quality issues.
  9. The Mirex and Zork tilt/shift adapters combined with any medium format lens is a good viable alternative. Especially since you don't even need tilt and shift lenses. It is a bit expensive for just a 50mm range tilt/shift but if you plan on adding additional lenses for tlt/shift/stitching they may make sense.
    50mm lenses in medium format tend to be expensive themselves so you would be best to find the most appropriate lens first and then get the required adapter.

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