Tilt lens for Pentax 67

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  1. I would like to have a tilt lens for my 67II. The only one I know of is the Hartblei 55/4.5 Super- Rotator. I looked into the flange-focal plane
    distances of various medium format cameras and found that the old Rollei SL 66 has a distance of 102.8 mm while the P67 is 84.95mm.
    In theory this would allow the the SL66's lenses to be adapted to fit on a 67. I know the Pentax requires a larger image circle than the Rollei,
    but I believe the image circles of the Zeiss 6x6 lenses are sufficient to cover 6x7. I'd like to adapt a 50mm Distagon into a tilt only lens for
    the 67. Has anyone ever experimented with this? Thanks for your input.

  2. I would just like to be able to shoot schneider or zeiss on my pentax 67.
  3. Just some thoughs:
    SL66 use camera bellow for focusing, so SL66 lenses do not have focusing heilcod.
    The flange to film distance on Rollei, is that at Infinity? Whith which lens?
  4. Danny,
    The flange to film distance is static, regardless of whether a lens is focussed at infinity or not.
    It is in the design and construction of the camera body
  5. A cheaper solution is to get a Pentax 67's 55 mm lens. This lens can be easily modified to tilt a little to drastically increase the depth of field. It gives you both the foreground at the bottom half and the background at the upper half of the film in focus. The mod is not more than lossening a few screws and add a thin spacer to one screw then tighten all the screws. Pentax 55 mm f3.5 is very cheap. You can buy two, one for portrait and the other for landscape orientations. The tilt is a fixed tilt. You can't change it on the field. You can remove the mod back home whenever you want. It is a lot cheaper to go this way and it is very easy to do. I believe you can do it to Pentax's 45 mm lens too. But 45mm lens is more expensive.
  6. > The flange to film distance is static, regardless of whether a lens is focussed at infinity or not.
    > It is in the design and construction of the camera body
    Except in this case the flange moves (since it has a bellows focussing), so it's not at all static.
    Note that the SL66 flange/film distance is misleading: because of the thickness of the bellows itself, much of the actual SL66 lens (at least the 80 planar that I have) sits *behind* the mount. For example, the 80 has about 3.5 cm behind the mount and only 2.5 cm in front. The Pentax lenses all protude maybe 1cm behind the mount.
    I've actually played with T/S effects on the 67 by just taking the lens off and moving it around a little. But then, my goal was to throw stuff *out* of focus and get unpredictable results:
    Hmm, I'll have to try Tin Ho's mod...
  7. Zork has a number of devices for tilt/shift/swing but they use large format lenses. There is one for the P67 but it is expensive. I own an adapter from them and it is well made. Zoerk.com
  8. Another solution is to add the P67 body to a large format rig similar to a monorail view camera. The wish to shoot Zeiss & Schneider glass comes alive and one gets swings'n'tilts! Again, not a cheap solution, but it works and I think Horseman & Sinar offered adapters & concepts along this line.
  9. I believe there is no digital back for Pentax 67 yet ?

    So, if you use film ?, then possibly your enlarger has lens tilt capability ?
    Then use easel lifting technique to get some "tilting" change in perspective during paper exposure.

    Other solution would be to scan your 6x7 negatives and use software?

    Once you explore these features, see if you still need a solution with a lens attachment ?
  10. Colin:
    Could you enlighten me as to what is the flange to film plane distance on my Sinar P2?
  11. Hello,
    I have made a modification on a 55mm to get a fixed tilt. You can see the details here on my website.
    It works well but the 55 perspective is not the same as that of a 45mm .
    What I have been willing to do for a long time is to make the same thing on a 45mm as 0.5 degrees of fixed tilt would bring plenty of DOF.
    One could get an old 45 takumar to be modified and a new 45 SMC untilted for the normal shots. It would turn the P67 system into a small view camera ...

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