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Discussion in 'Seeking Critique' started by MrAndMrsIzzy, Oct 2, 2021.

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    Was sitting back relaxing and got to thinking (always a dangerous thing to do) about that cat being a cat post and decided to expand on it a little. Pulled it out out of the (when I get around to it file) to see what I could do. Here's the result.
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  2. Good idea! Just a suggestion, but you might want to try visually separating the tiger's head from the cat's head a bit more (perhaps by reducing the size of the tiger's head).:
    - horizontal separation: the tiger becomes more of an 'interested observer' of its relative
    - vertical separation: the tiger becomes more of a 'cat spirit'

    In any case, I like your creative 'merged image' approach!

  3. Well, I see an argument for it as it is.

    It's always tricky when you try "the hidden spirit of the thing" kinds of pictures.
  4. Cat spirit is what I had in mind but wasn't quite sure how to reduce the size of the tiger's head without messing things up (it was a whole body pic which I layered to get the head by itself). Think I may have figured out how to do it though so I'm going to give it a try and see what happens.

    Equally valid point, which is why the "see what happens" pic is going to be a modified copy for comparison rather than the original.
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  5. As I said, both Mike and JD made equally valid points. Yes! The tiger's head is a little too big in the pic. And yes! "Hidden spirit" types of pics are tricky.

    Went back to the drawing board (so to speak). Did reduce the tiger's head, and yes it did make a difference, but it just didn't click (again so to speak).

    The working model for the tiger spirit as originally posted was 2 layered (background and tiger) PSD with the layer lineup from bottom to top being just that, which of course resulted in the cat's head being seen through the screen of the tiger's mouth and chin.

    I went back to that model and added the cat as a third layer. Layer lineup bottom to top, (background, cat, tiger).

    Reordered the layers to (background, tiger, cat). Repositioned tiger to slightly lower in pic. Flattened image. End result. No change in size of tiger's head, but head sort of looks smaller because of lower position, and cat's head no longer seen through screen of tiger's mouth and chin.

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