Three Year Old Diafine Was Fine

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  1. I shot a 24 count roll of Fomapan 100 using my new (to me) Leica If. I used my Voigtlander Heliar 15/4.5 and an Orange Nikon filter. Here is where the problem was. I rigged the filter such that I sorta knew I screwed up the entire roll. It was too small and I used an adapter to pressure fit it within the little lens hood. Since I was sure the shots where messed up, I decided to see if my 3 year old Diafine was any good. I made it up in 2018, used it one time and stored it with the air squeezed out. Long story, short, the Diafine was FINE and all my shots have a black circle around the subject, thanks to my dumb filter idea. I tossed the Diafine and ordered some more and some 52mm filters. No sense in pushing my luck.
  2. I am pretty sure I used Diafine much more than three years.
    I think I mixed a new batch two years ago after one that might have been 8 years old.

    It close to lasts forever, until there isn't enough left.

    The way it works is that part A soaks into the film, and mostly doesn't do much developing.
    It mostly doesn't get worn out.

    Part B has the alkali, which pretty much activates the developing.
    Some development products do get into part B, but mostly aren't a problem.

    Part A tends to get some sensitizing dyes, sometimes turning it pink, but that
    doesn't bother it.

    I do try to keep air out, but developers mostly don't oxidize when they are
    not alkaline.

    I first started with Diafine after learning about it from my grandfather 52 years ago.
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  3. Thank you for the insight. I really appreciate it. Most of the online stuff I found said two years tops. I've got some D powder in the mail. I won't toss this one after 3 years.
  4. Vignetting is a feature!
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