Thoughts on the Sigma DP-2

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by graham john miles, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. The more I read about the DP-2 the more I think the only people who are going to be happy with it are the old photographers like me who grew up with film and manual cameras. When I used my M Leicas and F Nikons a thousand years ago, it would take me 10-20 seconds to set up a picture. Focus the thing; then twist the aperature ring to match the needle in the circle; then another focus tweak; then a cloud comes over and the needle dips so I have to open up half a stop. And then there were the 4X5 portraits; we're talking minutes here, to get under the hood, focus, put the film holder in, take the slide out, check the exposure with a meter, set the aperature and speed on the lens. Perhaps a 2 or 3 second delay in the Sigma is not so bad after all. Mind you there's no excuse for it's reviewed weak points in a market where most PS cameras are approaching SLR's for response times. Ultimately, it's the final image that counts, and the wonderful tactile photographs I've seen so far, make it very tempting to step back a decade or two.
  2. Sounds like you are rationalizing a purchase. Wait a while. I think there will be other APS compacts coming. The DP-2 is very slow and *I* think Sigma blew this one too.
  3. The advantage of the DP-2 to me would seem to be its much larger sensor than other point and shoots. There it seems to be a great advancement on other P&S cameras of its physical size. Has anyone seen any reports on its picture quality (say, at 10 x 15 or larger blow-ups?). Shutter delay with P&S cameras comes with the territory and the M7 Leica and other film RF cameras are there in a class by themselves (well, almost, and the price difference is huge).
  4. We've always liked things smaller and faster, and the R&D people know it. Current APS size DSLR technology is too big, heavy and expensive for the majority of consumers, but we still want the image quality, low light capabilities and speed. It's just a matter of time and we'll have more compact cameras with larger sensors and faster processors that deliver.
  5. I congratulate Sigma for making the DP1 and DP2 when other companies refused to make a large sensor compact. If you are interested in the Sigmas take a look at the Micro 4/3 cameras like the Olympus EP1 and Panasonic GF1. They seem to operatre much faster (especially the Panasonic) and have interchangeable lenses along with adapters to use almost any lens out there.
  6. Also the new Leica X1 which is a fixed lens 35mm equivalent f2.8 lens although it's much more expensive.
  7. The X-1 looks good....I have a 57yo kidney on e* bids yet. :-( $2300 with a finder is too rich for me. I really wanted one but got a Red Dot fever vaccination. I hope similar cameras are announced. :)

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