Thoughts on the Leica D-Lux 7 (LX100 II with Leica branding)

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  1. It looks nice and of course the LX100 II is a nice camera. Does anyone have anything to say about the Leica version, or even the Leica version of the LX100 (the D-Lux 109) in terms of image quality or repairs or anything? The 7 has some additional cost over the LX100 II but not that much.
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    I have the 109 and like it quite a lot, and it rather than the 6 is the 7's predecessor. There is a full write up of the 7 today on DP Review.
  3. Indeed, I read the writeup on DP Review. It's very good. Yeah, Leica does some weird things on product names. Don't forget the M9-M240-M10 progression either! I think they wanted to go to product numbers and then thought better of it. Same deal with the X 113 (which probably should have been the X3). I kind of think the Q is almost the X4 (except that it's full frame). Otherwise I can't help but think it's a pretty similar camera to the X 113.
  4. I can't help but notice that there's a 113, a used X Vario, and a brand new 7 all within a couple of hundred dollars of each other, all at or about $1100 give or take.
  5. In these cases if you run down the specs you'll find the guts are pretty much identical, right down to the optics. I would dare say that any subjective "improvements" due to the differences in firmware can be made in Photoshop.

    Save your money and buy the Panasonic.
  6. Sssh, really quietly, let us talk about the non-classic Leicas. We can pull down a whole lot of this isn,t a real Leica, you only want the red dot, you cannot afford the genuine article, type of comments. I can do some strutting with film Leicas but had an urge to try a digital mainly to see what modern lenses could do. The Leica I could afford was an M8 but I would have to use an old lens on it, something new took the outfit out of my price range. The Q came out and I was sorely tempted but it was still a heck of a lot of money and a fixed 28 is a bit wide for me. Then I looked at the X113 ,a third of the price of a Q, a 35 lens, much more me, a really fast new lens for very little money. It was in short supply and the only one left at Clifton Cameras, my choice for new gear, was in brown, no doubt very pretty but a bit of a shock. This visual feast was not enhanced by buying a bargain Country half case which improved handling but looked as if it was knitted by the Womens, Institute. A second hand VF2 completed the package and transformed the usability. I love the build, the controls, the way you move it to macro, the fit of the lens cap(seriously),but above all the quality of the images and especially the colour. I think this camera is the best value in the Leica range. The lens is my favourite of all my screw and old m mount lenses. It is not a perfect camera , it is slow compared to others but so am I, and it suits my style.I am so happy I bought it rather than taking notice of comments on the internet but what do I know?, after all I think my Sigma DP3 is the best designed digital camera out there and see how much support I would get for that view! All the best to you all, especially you Mr. Dragon, I always enjoy your posts and fear we may have similar attitudes, Charles.
  7. Sorry, I made a stupid mistake. The viewfinder for the x113 is the visoflex 020. Before I could afford that I used a cheap Russian optical viewfinder for a 35 lens which worked well, Charles.
  8. I’ve always liked Leica’s take on the styling of LX models, and their warranty period is longer. For the difference in price for these new models I’d take the DLux 7 over the LX100-II.

    I would not consider either of those used models over either the new Panasonic or Leica.
  9. Leica doubles the warranty period and there is that extra bit of weight of the Leica. Must mean something.

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