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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by micra-chameleon, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. Please take a check out and explore my website
    I am a keen amateur just looking to show my work, but won't be disappointed if I sell a few prints through the site.
    Any critique of content or layout welcome
    Thanks for looking
  2. Hi Mike, just had a look at your site. Lovely images especially the one of the Owl, steam engines, landscapes etc. All excellent, well done. Wish you every success.
  3. There are some very nice shots, but I'd offer two suggestions:
    Crop tighter.
    Work on publicizing your site. You won't sell any prints if only a few people visit the site.
  4. Great pictures :)

    If you want to be visited, use text!
    People will find you (or any other web site) through search machines like google.
    As search machines can only 'understand' text/descriptions google will only see "there is a picture on this spot on this particular page."
    This implies that google will not (or hardly ever) show your pages in search results unless people type in your site name or some exact combinations of page titles, your name, foto titles etc.

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