Thornton-Pickard roller blind shutter

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by richard__rlin|2, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. Hi,
    I need to build a Sinar lensboard sized "Thornton-Pickard roller blind
    shutter" and I am searching a drawing of the mechanics and construction. I
    have only been able to find photos but no drawings that I can use. Must be
    available out there somewhere,

    Thanks, Richard
  2. Richard, why not buy one on ebay, dismantle it and make your own drawings? They usually go for a pittance.
  3. I sold a baby Speed Graphic, without lens, to a guy last year on Ebay. He later told me that he removes all the extra parts and then cuts down the depth of the box to make a roller blind shutter to mount on his large format cameras.

    Depends on the size of opening you need, but you can get the Speeds in 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 or a little larger in 3x4 for this use. I think the 3x4 size goes cheaper.
  4. Lindsay books has a couple of books that detail building these types of shutters. One is titled Hasluck's Photographic Notes and the other Photographic Cameras and Accessories. My understanding is that both have plans for this type of shutter, although mine have not yet arrived (they shipped jus the other day though!). You can find his website here

    and these specific books here

    - Randy
  5. Buy an old Kiev60 body and mount that on the Sinar panel. The shutter will allow lenses up to 56mm diameter to be used. You'll also get a much wider and more accurate range of speeds than a home-built "mousetrap" shutter, and, best of all, it'll take one more of those abortive Kievs out of circulation!
  6. Thanks for the tip but I'd really like to build it from scratch and beside the lens has a 95mm diameter


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