Thom Hogan Took a Nikon Z9 to Africa and On-Line Presentation

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  1. It was quite a pleasant presentation (with a questionable shirt), though I didn't get to bed until 2.30 GMT.
    Very informative, though most of the information had already been mentioned on his Z9 blog.
  2. I missed the first 10 minutes of the presentation. Regarding cameras and lenses, he also used a Nikon Z 50 and a 18-xxx lens. I missed the full name of the lens. I know the Z 50 is DX; not sure about the lens being DX or FX and or S. That seemed to be a neat small sized travel option. Thom said he used it for sky shots and other uses. Does anybody have info or thoughts on that lens?
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    Thom Hogan had a DX 18-140mm lens on his Z50. That is roughly the equivalent of the Z 24-200mm lens for FX.

    NIKKOR Z DX 18-140mm f/3.5-6.3 VR | Interchangeable lens for Nikon mirrorless cameras

    So far Nikon only have three DX lenses in the Z mount: 16-50, 50-250, and the 18-140. There is 12-28 on the roadmap but not yet officially announced.

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  5. Thanks Shun for the DX lens info
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  6. Thanks for posting the link. I watched about 40% of it so far, it seems like it's a good camera for photographing action and a lot of people are likely to enjoy it if they can get their hands on it. :)
  7. For those of you who connect cables to the camera, see the section where Thom talks about needing an Apple dongle to get one cable type to work. I believe this may apply to only the lightning cable, but I am not sure. See video about minute 49-51.
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    Actually there is also a 24mm DX on the Z lens roadmap. That will be the first non-zoom DX Z lens.
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    Interesting, now 3 weeks later, that Zoom meeting recording is still available.

    Incidentally, there is another Z9 on-line event. This one is on Wednesday, January 26, presented by an NPS rep Molly Riley:
    Online Event Page | Eventbrite

    It is Wednesday, January 26 at 7pm US Eastern, 4pm Pacific. Sorry, I know the time slot is poor for Europe.
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