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  1. Nice!
    If I had tried one of the early OM cameras before I went elsewhere, my "marque" history might have been very different.

    I still think it is one of the most beautiful of the classic SLRs. And what viewfinders!!!
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  2. Accessory Shoe

    By far the biggest design flaw in the OM-1 and OM-2 cameras. Let's take a piece of plastic and repeatedly clamp it down on top of what does a nice impression of a log splitter and see how long it takes to split.

    I think I've had at least eight of these cameras and only 2 accessory shoes have been completely intact, - and I'm not selling them. :)
  3. and the damned thing is ugly too. I admit to taking the shoe off to appreciate the uncluttered lines (true, with holes).;)
  4. Important Maintenance Note on the OM-2n

    The film door light seals on both cameras are probably shot, - you may or may not get light leaks, but the thing you'd want to address sooner rather than later if you're planning on keeping the OM-2n for any length of time is the foam on top of the pentaprism.

    The foam deteriorates and eats away at the silver coating on the prism. Eventually this will show up as irregular blotches, stains, marks, etc on the bottom of the viewfinder.

    It's pretty easy to deal with, - remove the top cover and clear away the foam using tweezers, alcohol soaked swabs, etc. You might have to remove the bracket for the flash socket to get at everything. Then just put a put a piece of black electrical tape between the bracket and the pentaprism. There are youtube videos that show the process.

    It was already too late for about half of the OM-1 and OM-2 cameras that I've owned. One good thing to know is that cheap and broken OM-10 cameras use the same pentaprism if you need or want to replace it.
  5. Tomspielman said
    Thanks for the useful information. Regarding the OM-2n, the door seals are fine and, as yet, there is no hint of the foam problem in the viewfinder. Having run a couple of films through this camera and the OM-4 with a view to selling one on, I've come down heavily in favour of the OM-4 as a keeper. The metering is vastly superior to that of the OM-2n in respect of the sort of photography I do, with contrasty subjects and areas of extreme highlight and shadow. In these situations the multipoint spot metering of the OM-4 is very accurate indeed, and I've been impressed by the consistency of exposures the camera achieves.

    I'm in the process of sourcing a replacement accessory shoe for the OM-2n, and will offer it for sale. If I were to keep it I'd certainly take your advice and remove the foam from the top of the Pentaprism. The collector in me says "Keep both cameras!", but the practical photographer knows that I already have too many options when it comes to making photographs...
  6. You'll be selling a classic, one of the cameras that paved the way, with autodynamic, off the film metering.
    The OM-4, nice as it is, is just another camera. One of those you have too many of.
  7. q.g_de_bakker said:
    Fair comment. However, I like to think of myself as a user rather than a collector, and the OM-4 happens to suit my purposes better than the OM-2n. Of course, I could relent, and keep both of them... Bu if I looked at them side by side on a shelf and tried to decide which Olympus should I use today, I'm afraid the OM-2n would have to stay at home.
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  8. The OM-2 was ground breaking at the time but they aren't particularly hard to find. Even though prices have been climbing just as they have for lots of classic cameras, you can still find them for reasonable prices if you're patient and don't mind doing a little cleanup. Just the other day I saw an incredibly dusty black OM-2n listed locally for $150 and I'd bet they'd let it go for $125 or maybe even $100.

    It's just listed as an Olympus camera and the main photo is of a badly beat up camera case with all the leatherette pealed off. You have to scroll through the pictures to realize it's an OM-2n underneath.

    I'm continually shocked at how little effort people put into selling some stuff. Blow the dust of the camera, throw away the camera case, and specify the model in the posting and they could easily get $100 more.
  9. Well I see you've posted in what camera to use this weekend.. so this will likely be a go-no-go test. I must say it sure looks nice over there ! " I'm a shooter but the collector in me.." :)

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