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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by alex_es, Feb 9, 2017.

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    An update for Glenn and anyone else interested...
    Conducted the same Google search for my name and the word "photo" and one with just on my bank's customer access bill paying computer that's connected to the internet and the same search at my local public library and both have no problems navigating the site with no blocks of any kind. I didn't go looking specifically for nude photos. I just clicked on my images in my portfolio which loaded very fast with no glitches or odd interface anomalies.
    Both Windows systems were up to date both in hardware and OS using Firefox browser (don't know which version) at the library and Explorer at my bank's location. All PN 2.0 design interface looked exactly the same as I see on my 2010 Mac Mini running OS 10.6.8 and Firefox 48.0.2. These are systems located in central Texas.
  2. When is this dreadfull PN site rolled back to the situation before this disaster? The new lay-out is useless for really photo professionals. Why should one want to setup a lay-out like this? Facebook is much more better to publish photo's than this PN site. I am member since 2008 of PN and I think this site has become valueless since the migration to the new format. In professional businesses one should move first a Test site to a new version, if that succeeds one moves a so called Acceptance Environment to a new version, which than is or is not Accepted by the users in this case by the members. However unfortunately in this case the Operators moved immediately the Live Environment, with all it's members to the new version with desastrous consequenses. I do not like this at all what happened to my images after all these years!!! I have been payed almost yearly my contribution. But I did not ask for this chaos! When is this change rolled back to the former PN site lay-out?
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  3. Glenn stated recently that the old site will not be back.
  4. As Thomas Wolfe reminds us:

    "The essence of Time is Flow, not Fix. The essence of faith is the knowledge that all flows and that everything must change."

    Even Photo Net.

    Reading this thread leads me to believe that most have never had to live in an old house that's being remodeled. Things never go quite right and it takes longer than planned. But when the whole thing is over, you are delighted with the overall result and the disruption of your life is just an amusing story to tell others.

    Give Glenn and his team the time he needs and deserves to successfully complete the maiden voyage, the shakedown cruise of the new Photo Net.
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  5. Sage advice, Dr. Ben. Of course it's much easier to counsel patience when you don't really use the site on a regular basis. I see you have uploaded no pictures and have made 90 posts since 2012. I would have read them to see where your area of interest lies but unfortunately they wouldn't load. As for you old house analogy, I agree with you but it's helpful if you employ an architect who has an idea what he's doing when he draws up the plans..
  6. It's been, what? 30 days since the roll out of the new site, it's been 30 days since I have been active, waiting for the "bugs" to be worked out. Now I am starting to wonder if we should be compensated, a refund of sorts for the down time we have experienced. I have been an active member daily, so far in the last 30 days I have done nothing. I am getting a back up in photos I need to post but wait until the situation get's fixed. Just a thought, my time is worth something.....
  7. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Getting to the point that I am less concerned with bugs than I am about the dearth of interesting posts and the absence of most of the folks whose work I enjoy, and who I like to interact with. The "Force" is apparently flowing elsewhere!
  8. PapaTango

    PapaTango Itinerant Philosopher

    Trouble is DrBen that although the worthy souls they are--the powers that be on PN simply do not get it--this time or the previous time. One simply does not publicly roll out a webdev project in basically 'alpha' format and then debug it live through ongoing beta fixes in a live production environment. I have never seen anything like this before--and hope to never see it again... :confused:

  9. Yup, my most visited forums have gone virtually silent...

    Still no answers from the 'powers that be' on my concerns for past archived postings and reviews.
    Good luck with paragraph or line space attempts; preview doesn't always turn up as final draft (Yes, I tried "Enter" twice & < p >).

    Plus everytime I log in, where I was last viewing requires travel through a maze to reacquire my spot of interest.
    Also, I see that my "Cover Photo" is always lost and needs to be be reset...
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  10. With all the negative comments I've been reading in the Help forum, I've been restricting myself to just the Nikon forum, which is not very active. Just now I thought I would peruse more by going to my Portfolio and using the left column navigation. I find it very awkward. I certainly don't like the mouse over open of each item, the slightest move and the wrong list shows constantly. Why can't a simple click drop each section to reveal the choices? I've designed web sites as well as databases for a variety of businesses, being very conscious of the user interface, the design of is not very user friendly.
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  11. Only been here a short while ~ the site isn't ready.
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  12. Love the new site. It's great that this "photography" site can now properly display images in reasonable sizes and resolution. I love that I can use BBCode to post and no longer need to modify HTML code that works on most other sites. Keep working on the bugs, but don't go back to the archaic past.
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  13. Images are still not showing up in the critique forum
  14. We found out they are in fact showing up, the images are placed in the order they were uploaded. Yea, I uploaded the images I submitted for critique back in January and February so as a result the images are show up on page freakin 20, love it!
  15. I can only repeat and add voice to what others have said: this new web site is a diabolical mess, slow to load and has no semblance of a consistent user interface. I think it is fair to say that this is the very worst site I know of.
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