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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by alex_es, Feb 9, 2017.

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  1. Congrats on a great renovation. It's great that you're using 21st century technology on an imaging site, allowing much better viewing of each other's work. Also, the addition of BB Code has certainly made it much easier to post images from other hosting sites.

    Thanks for all the effort put into this first class update.
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  2. I like this. This is modern, easy to use, very straightforward and first of all now members can send bigger images.
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  3. The comments of these last two gentlemen underscores an earlier comment I made. If you post pictures infrequently, have a limited number of galleries (and none hidden under the old system), seldom comment or interact with other members except in forums, this renovation must seem great because the picture quality is an improvement but for frequent, more active members on the "picture side" (as opposed to the forum side), this roll out has been.....well, to put it kindly, less than successful.
  4. That does, of course, rather assume you're happy typing html break tags when you want a line break (which is actually ok by me because I used to use the html editor, though the "refresh after post to see it work" thing is annoying) and assumes you don't mind typing over "write your reply". I'm sure the situation is worse for the heavy photo users, I'm just pointing out that not all is currently rosy for us forum lurkers either. Fingers crossed they'll get the remaining niggles ironed out. I still think the legibility and use of space took a step backwards, but I'll worry about that after the functionality is working.
  5. I wrote my humble opinion. Nothing more, nothing less...
    And nothing to do with your earlier comments.


  6. For some reason, a survey on whether or not you want ratings back on is in under the Progress Report 2/23 thread on the help forum.
  7. Question: Who decided that Photo.Net needs to be "upgraded"? A committee? One person?

    Correct me if I am wrong: The users were not consulted, nor were the moderators.
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    @Mary Doo - this has been covered in other threads numerous times - but yes - the new format was made available to existing users and the old site "v1" was from the 1990s (yes...the 1990s), was on AOL server and programmed in TCL - the equivalent to an antique where there is 1 mechanic in the world that could have improved it and maintained it. Not an ideal situation, it wasn't a question of IF but WHEN.

    Updating to new platform allows for all kinds of possibilities to connect with new audiences but - building on antique technology foundation is not something any owner of would want to do. It appears you are predominantly a forum user based on your usage on your profile page - this forum software is solid and it is not proprietary - it will go through regular upgrades as new versions are brought online by Xenforo, something v1 did not have going for it - it was rare that anything new was done with the v1 forums and it was always a custom build.
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  9. But I am not a forum user predominately, Glenn; I spend the majority of my time on the gallery side and I will tell you that navigation and functionality on that side - especially in regards to frequent users and commenters - is a mess. The problem with hidden folders has only been partially addressed. There is still no way of making pictures in hidden folders public or viewing comments on those pictures. I'm very curious if you are planning to or are even able to rectify this situation since I kept 90% of my portfolio in hidden folders. As has been abundantly documented elsewhere the everyday functionality of this site has taken a major hit.
  10. Understand. Good explanation to the audience, but didn't hear about it before. My question was who determined to make the upgrade. A committee? One person?

    I do think this is inevitable, but the event seems haphazard.
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    Short answer is: Committee. Employees, owners, tech crew, and primary stakeholders. Yes - it was made available to users as well and contrary to popular belief there was a lot of feedback taken in and used to make adjustments prior to launch. If you are looking at this change/update through the lens of a "primarily forum user" - I'd have to disagree with your assessment. I grant you, you are not used to the navigation but it is a solid forum platform and will continue to have upgrades and releases - which we all love....(I think). Having said that - yes - we have had challenges on the photo side that I believe we have made excellent progress on many of the primary issues from day one of 2.0. Is this the end of our improvements....wait for it....NO its not!!!! We are now building on a solid foundation, one where there is sufficient talent in the marketplace to do so (not so in TCL on AOL). Maybe we had to take a step back to take a step forward - but its better than standing still in my opinion. Again, not a question of IF but WHEN.
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    Making hidden folders something that can be made public is on our list of things to do and its very close - its being tested now. Mind you, its not typical that users keep 90% of their folders hidden but I promise you, we're getting to it! Keep in mind we have a contingent of people that wanted no change...yet in the next breath wanted change - so we're doing our best to keep everyone happy, even those that didn't want change...but wanted change.
  13. Put me in the category of those who were just fine with the way things were. Whether it was 138 hidden folders or just one, the fact remains that they cannot be made available to the public as they could before and as I often did.
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    Don't know how else to say it Jack - v1 was in todays day and age, old technology that could not be maintained and supported any longer with todays workforce - we kept it going as long as we reasonably could. Its really that simple.
  15. But you would think that after 25 years or so that the replacement would be far superior and I don't think you would find many who would agree that that's the case.
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    I can find you the daily emails from new users trying to understand how v1 worked. I can find you the new users have taken to the new site by way of forum contributions, uploads and comments. New user registration is way up - new uploads from quality photographers is on the increase - something I can't say we were seeing with v1 - so its very possible you see the glass half empty, while I see the glass half full with new water being poured into it. Lets agree to disagree at this point.
  17. Good - and I appreciate the hard work, but I believe this project would have been more successful (and have more user support) if at least the moderators - who probably understand the user side more than anyone else - were involved in the discussions. Also, there should be a test site rather than testing in production.
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    From where I sit you use the site primarily from a forum side and this is a proven forum platform. It has excellent moderation tools and the moderators have proven they can use the site effectively both in terms of their own personal use and in terms of moderation. We veeted numerous platforms and Xenforo ended up being our choice for a number of reasons. They will have updates and improvements that we will push out once we feel they ready. To me the term "Community" is more about the people within it, why they are here and how they use the site (hopefully for the right reasons) and less so about the platform its done on. Testing the forums is largely gone well, so you're losing me on your point Mary.
  19. There are still a lot of very basic bugs even for me (not a heavy user). I still have to type over "write your reply..." when I respond - why not eliminate this redundant "instruction"? The last time I uploaded an image, the text was still split on both sides of the image. These should not be hard to fix but they are still there since Day 1. Also, we used to be able to put some text under the image - most web sites would provide this useful feature for a brief description and in this case for writing some image data such camera and exposure info. Not sure what you use but there may be plugins out there that can be easily adapted.
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    A simple return got me typing my reply under "write your reply" - do you experience the same thing?

    Still not with you Mary but I appreciate your feedback. A simple return got me typing under "write your reply". Text was split because of where you decided you inject the photo. Text is what you type - no plug in needed.

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