This is ghost photography?

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  1. I take these pictures with a P&S camera (canon sure shot 115), and some effects occured.
    If anybody could explain what (maybe) happened, I will be happy! photo_id=1330523 photo_id=1330549 photo_id=1330611
  2. Looks like the P&S camera is picking too slow of a shutter speed. Try using faster film, tripod and/or flash.
  3. I need to explain better:<br>
    In the first photo, there was no lights, absolute dark, and the picture was shooted with auto mode, flash on. No slow speed shutter was used.<br>
    In second photo, auto mode was used, flash on, same as the first photo. There was lights(tungsten reflector), and nothing more. I cannot explain the green cloud in lower right.<br>
    In third photo, the flash is on, but I don't know if the shutter speed was slow(night shot mode), but I think so, because the back lights are very clear.<br>
    I take these pictures in 2001', and in that time I didn't take much pictures and did not know anything about photography. I simple put 400 asa film in camera (kodak ultra or superia 400), point & shoot.<br>
    I'll put better scans to better analysis this night.<br>
    Thanks for comments!!!
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    Most likely, your P&S syncs very slowly with its flash (1/60th or even less). You can see an example of ghost images (that is, multiple bright images that arise from the use of non-multicoated filters/lenses) with this enclosed attachement (Bright lamp on the left is for real, the cloned, faded image on the right is a ghost). Photographed with a Fuji S2 Pro and a Nikkor 50/1.4 AFD (which is multicoated) and a Tiffen UV filter (which is not multicoated).
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  6. Hello people<br>
    I do not hunting ghosts. These photos was shooted in Juiz de Fora - Brasil, when I travel for a music course. Any other photos have these effects, in same roll or not, in this camera or not.<br>
    Note in the first photo, the yellow flare is in back of the tree, and some green flare behind my neck. There was NO LIGHTS! In the field, hasn't yellow flowers or something, only green plants.<br>
    In the "without head", I accept the head movment with slow sync, but in other 2 pics, the flare and other explanations does not explain totally the effects.<br>
    Canon shure shot 115 is very good p&s camera, 38-115 lens, slow sync up to 1", macro mode, night shot mode, portrait and so more.<br>
    Today I use a canon EOS 300V, and anybody who think about bad technique, I said before in that time I only take snapshots of my moments. Only 1 year ago I buy a SLR and learned a lot.<br>
    Anybody can go to my portfolio and see my other pics. I'm a student, learning about technique with the giants of photonet, who helps me a lot. I have much to learn and improve, and I hope people helps me without preconcepts.<br>
    I wish to see similar effects in other pics as you said.<br>

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