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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by penn10, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. I don't know what other people think, but I don't like this discussion forum
    here on Why can't we have a forum like any other websites?

    Some features I'd really like to have:

    1) Move the thread to top position whenever there is a new reply. I keep
    checking the same threads and see if there is any new posts, but so hard to
    keep track.

    2) Quote other's words in your own reply.

    3) Sticky posts (someone suggested this in today's posts) always on top

    4) Easier image uploading and HTML editing.


  2. Good idea
  3. Use the "notify me of responses" to get an email when new responses appear. Did you never try to upload a photo to DPR forums? I still don't know how. This site is easy by conparision.
  4. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    We already have #1 if you use the New Answers link for the Nikon Fourm:
  5. I would like from to solve some HTML tags. No more. In other senses I think it is a very good and serious forum.


    Juan Parmenides
  6. I agree to especially 1) and 2). "All" other discussion forums work that way - and they know
    why. It's just so much easier to keep track on latest responses or to cited paragraphs. I would
    be absolutely in favour of adpating those points.
  7. I have visited other forums but I have never posted anything except here. The reason I like it here is because people seem to be serious and so far I have never seen or got a rude reply. In other places I see people fighting, they have such a rivalry between Nikon and Canon users, it is ridiculous. I suggest you get used to the ways things are in PHOTO NET and with time you will find it really easy. Myself I am still exploring things here. I also think posting pictures here is difficult, I am not sure how to do it yet but I am working on it.
  8. just to answer rene villela's problem re posting pictures
    this has to be the easiest site for doing so..

    try this for a start
    take a picture of "the sky" where u are now
    resize a picture of "the sky" to a small size for e-mail etc
    save it in 'my pictures' on ur computer

    go into forums..
    no words...
    pick one of the topics ,, most recent being 'The Sun'
    go down to end of page
    click on "post a photo on this theme"

    browse for your file 'the sky' add a caption if you wish
    click on post

    hopefully we'll all be admiring your photos very soon
  9. Frank,

    The things you would like to change are the attributes I find attractive about Photo.Net.

    "In a world..." as the anouncer guy says, where the position of the thread is based on the latest response, those with lots of responses float to the top. Like other things that float, these threads are often trivial or non-answerable topics like "Canon vs Nikon" or "Digital vs film".

    You can quote other peoples words with proper attribution, but you can't copy articles when a link would suffice - plagarism issues aside. The level of civility varies, but never (perhaps under the watchful eye of the Masters), degrades to name calling. Posts you have read are marked, so it's relatively easy to keep track of your interests (plus the "notify" feature). Do you really care about a post so old it's about to drop off the bottom? Unlike most related forums, Photo.Net is largely an "asked and answered" format, rather than chatty intercourse.
  10. In my opinion there is no other forum that compares in terms of talented, knowledgeable, and experienced photographers. The information available in the database here is incredible. Questions posed on this forum are promptly and courteously answered in detail, regardless of the experience level of the individual posting the question. I have tried other forums and have found most of them confusing and unreliable. Maybe I'm just comfortable here having read answers to questions from people whose names I have come to recognize and whose knowledge I have come to trust over the years. I'm sure there are ways this site could be improved, but you could say that about any site. My hat is off to the people who started and those who keep it going day to day. All I have to say is..Thanks, keep up the good work!
  11. Great answers so far Frank; Last but not least when you post anything if you check at the bottom of the case you will see the option "plain text" or "HTML". If you go HTML basically there is no problem to insert links to your pictures on the net or other links as you wish.
  12. Vicent Daly, I've been visiting NO WOPRDS, I started the thread "Cherry Blossoms" yesterday and I have posted some pictures there, my problem so far it's been HERE in the discussion forums, sometimes the pictures show and some times they don't. I'm sorry if we are getting out of the main topic! By the way, just another idea, Photo Net should accept JCB cards too.... he!he!
  13. Most web forums have positive and negative features.
    1)IMO the weird 600pixel limit is frustrating for posting images. Other sites I use will resize.

    2)The necessity of knowing HTML is frustrating when desiring to post links...this is where BB has a nice benefit.

    3)I've been on this forum for a LONG time and had no idea there was a way to get it to show the new posts...Why not a big link at the top of the forum page that says "Show threads with new posts"? How simple and convenient would that be.

    4)Alternatively if there could be flags on threads with new posts and another flag for posts I've read that would help.

    5)One poster said that he feels the least important posts float to the top and the more uncommon or more diffucult ones thus get pushed to the bottom. IMO this is what happens anyway. If I don't come here for 3 or 4 days, which happens at times, I'll never see question. I'm not sure what the solution to that is except for the 'see new posts' option which will, hopefully, bring that thread up on my list....again, another reason for a convenient and obvious link to the "view new posts" feature at the top of the forum page.

    6)Stickies for the FAQs would be great... It can be tricky to find the BGLOD info one needs with a search, where a sticky would simplify that process dramatically, for example. Temporary stickies for Press releases for new cameras and such could also be benefitial to avoid the repeatative posts since people don't see the prior ones once they get pushed way down the thread list.

    I don't think the OP or anyone else has called into question the quality of this forum as far as the people involved or the information that can be obtained, so it's a little frustrating that people have taken up that point...that's not the issue, the issue is the software and set-up of the interface to the excellent information and resources and how it could be improved.
  14. mea culpa, I see the "new posts" link now...never once noticed that before....
  15. I love it the way it is. It's informative and I learn a lot! The moderators do a great job, and I
    enjoy reading posts where I can help as much as those where I can learn.

    Keep it up!
  16. I like it that threads are allowed to die a natural death instead of being repeatedly stirred back to the top.

    I found the constant bickering over best brands or camera models at DPR extremely irksome; I wish such discussion never came up anywhere, but at least it is minimal here.

    I personally find it easier to not respond to something I disagree with when it isn't at the top of the forum.

    This is the only forum that tolerates my contributions, so that alone makes this the number one site on the web for me.
  17. PN has been around long now? I got this weird feeling it's like 15 years, but maybe I'm just on dope. But it's a long time. The advent and _proliferation_ of vBulletin and other open-source, SQL-driven, easy to modify forum solutions came well after PN was up and running. So PN is what it is, and migrating to something else would be...I work with full-time IT guys who migrate giant databases along with tens of thousands of credentials with those databases that have to conform to this standard or that standard. I'd be willing to be that even they'd be scared of trying to migrate PN's database into something like a vBulletin system.

  18. Shun, thank you for posting that link. I never knew it existed. Very helpful.

    But that said, I wouldn't have a clue how to find it if you hadn't just mentioned it. I still can't find any link on this site that directs me to it. Maybe I just don't understand your site setup very well.
  19. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    I found out about the New Answers link all by myself. If you go to the main page for the Nikon Forum, those links are in a box on the top right; one of them is the New Answers one.

    It is the same for all forums. I simply bookmark the New Answers links for the several forums I read; in fact that is exactly how I enter all forums.

    For example, the following is the New Answers link to the "Unified Forum," which has posts from all forums:
  20. Thanks, Shun. I love this feature. Never noticed before but it is also added to the Unified View where I usually start out. Easy way to see all additions.
  21. I'd just wish they would use a different color for visited kinks. The blue turning to purple is difficult to see. On the old format I selected my visited links colors and everything was fine. It doesn't work that way anymore. Too bad.
  22. Funny how people see things in different ways, is my favorite forum because of its simple layout.

    "2) Quote other's words in your own reply." My pet hate of other forums is when people repeat the whole post. Especially a long one and add a short answer to the end of the text. You have to scroll though the same post over and over to see the answers., I just loose interest.

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