Thinking of converting D60 to take IR shots with

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by z_newbie, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,
    I am planning to get my D60 converted to take IR shots by Any Idea, anybody here used them to convert their Nikon to take IR shots? How was your experience, were you satisfied by their service and workmanship? how is the result? etc thanks in Advance
  2. I have had two cameras converted by them. I have been very happy with there work and the way the cameras function. My only very minor nit to pick is that they took 15 days in shop to ship the second camera back to me.
  3. I had them convert a D80 to IR two years ago, and was very pleased with their work (though adjusted the AF myself, as it didn't match my 50mm lens). Be aware each lens will almost certainly focus differently, and you likely will have to focus bracket or test focus for most lenses.
  4. I just had my D70 converted by Jim Chen in San Diego. He's faster, cheaper & a Nikon shooter. He does a fantastic job. I know a lot of people have used him & are very happy. After having used Jim Chen for the D70 I have to say I will not ever spend the money for LifePixel - Jim does a great job.
    Lil :)
  5. I ordered a filter from them and installed it by myself on a D70, based on the DIY tutorial on their site. It was easier than I thought, no problems, although I guess the D70 is among the easiest cameras to convert, no soldering needed.
    I'm usually much more apt at breaking than fixing things, so I was mentally prepared to have a nonfunctional camera in the end, but everything worked perfectly instead.
  6. Hannu, from where did you order the kit, and can you give a link to the site?
  7. Diane, from Lifepixel ( Their tutorials are at
  8. Thanks for all your Support,
    I did talk to them, apparently they upgrade firmware to or modify it so that it works seemslessly with the IR filter (not included with "do it yourself") for Nikons they set it for 18-70mm AF-S lens.... plus they do it in a cleaner and dust free environment.....
    Bought Used D60 for this reason only will be sending it to them very soon
  9. hi zeeshan ,
    which filter did u choosed ? the super color ?

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