Things you want to see in Lightroom 3.0 (just for fun)

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by nathan_spratt, May 4, 2009.

  1. Put the things you want Adobe to put in Lightroom 3.0 down here. This thread is just for fun.
    1. Distortion correction
    2. Ability to change the feather on the clone / heal brushes.
    .... continue the list...
  2. I would love to have more flexbility in the printing module, like using two or three literals (name, date,..) and the ability to locate them (one centered, size 10, another right justified, size 8), plus the ability to use/create frames (not much, but certain anything more interesting than a line. I think this is easy ;-)
  3. 3. a choice of a few clone/heal circle's bright colors (it's so hard to spot treat a scanned bw neg)
    4. ability to customize the left and right panels (for example show the folders or collections while in develop)
    I'll post more as I remember them.
    By the way, Adobe website has a form to request features from users. I want to believe the Adobe people are actually reading these requests, so there is hope :)
  4. - more flexibility with watermarks
  5. a few different shapes for the brush tool and the heal/clone (ovals, rectangles etc)
  6. In no particular order:
    - ability to position, set font, face and size for watermark in Export.
    - ability to nest folders of develop presets/print templates
    - ability to do softproofing for oddball print jobs
    - ability to produce a file of text information (selected IPTC and EXIF data) alongside exported JPEGs
    - ability to add missing EXIF tag data to the database
    - ability to selectively control metadata included in image files on export
    - ability to display a list of image files with metadata next to them rather than a thumbnail grid
    - ability to sort by focal length in grid view
    - ability to find by focal length metadata
    Most of these I've filed with Adobe already.
  7. Being able to see the sharpening when you apply it, not just at 100%
  8. Soft proofing. Really, this is the one thing I badly miss.
    What Ross Murphy asked for would also be nice for me.
  9. Add another tab between "Develop" and "Print", and put complete Photoshop functionality in there.
    But do not change the price.
  10. I would like to see a light table like Aperture has and a really good book making function that would allow control over the type, size and resolution of images for publication. Aperture has a book function, but I think it lacks in some of the control over output that should be included. Also soft-proofing function. Lastly, I would like to see the selection area include the ability to have a little more color control on your masked areas though there is some control now. Least important is the light table type of function..
  11. I'd like to see:
    - Additional ways of selecting the area for localized adjustments, in addition to the brush, and the ability to load/save selections
    - An option to see in real time the local adjustment area being selected, not just by hovering the mouse over the edit point
    - Allowing more than the current handful of adjustments, maybe all adjustments LR2 can make, available under localized adjustments
    - Addition of a built-in or plugin driven capability for full-featured noise reduction (think Noise Ninja without going to PS), certainly with the choice to do it under local adjustments
    I am also chiming in with:
    - Book publishing support
    - A built-in, full-featured frame/watermarking facility with support for 3d shadowing for frame borders, and the capability to use and scale images as borders and watermarks
  12. - An option to see in real time the local adjustment area being selected, not just by hovering the mouse over the edit point​
    Press O (letter O, not number 0). Shift-O changes the color.
  13. (1) I second Sash's suggestions about more adjustments available to be applied locally - e.g., why no blacks and recovery sliders.
    (2) I'd also like for options for exporting slideshows - e.g., flash, quicktime.
  14. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    More than anything else, something that allows seeing or capping file size on exporting jpegs. I have no idea why they reverted to the old Adobe method of providing only a numerical value for that.

    After that, smart sharpen.
    And there's something that really needs to be fixed. If you do automatic backup on file import from a card, the backup folder has no naming option and names the backup based on date of import. This makes for cleanup afterwards. How hard would it be to offer a choice of using the same folder name?
  15. Levels and Curves from Photoshop. I say again, Levels and Curves.
  16. Interesting that people want so many more features. I'm adding my BIG one:
    - The most important thing I want to see in Lightroom 3 is that it stays focused on photography and image management, not become a mini-clone of Photoshop with all of its mostly unneeded graphics-manipulation complexity.
    I find the tools I have in Lightroom 2.3 now allow me to do 99% of what I need to do, every day, quickly and easily. Most of the time, my end to end process is entirely in Lightroom 2 with no need for any more features or editing tools, or plugins. I open an image into Photoshop CS2 maybe once a week to do something like a barrel distortion correction or a bit of pixel editing, and have seen absolutely no need to update to later versions of PS CSx as most of what is offered is additional image/graphics manipulation, a very very small part of my work.
    I don't want to see Lightroom become bloated. Keep it lean, work on performance and image management tools that Photoshop does NOT support. Leave the 'Every Graphics Tool In The Universe At Your Disposal' thing to Photoshop CSx. ;-)
  17. Thanks Mark, one item scratched off :)
  18. Better camera profiles to get better (more accurate) color. The colors in Canon DPP are much better than LR 2.3 (which is a big improvement over the situation in LR 1.4).
  19. 2 ONLY new feature i would need is ;
    1_the simple ability to shoot thetered without having to set a hot folder and still use DPP or other to aquire the images.
    2_A faster preview mode to look at the camera focus while the image appear on screen like C1Pro.
    All the other request features are nice..but just give me those 2 i would be in heaven.
  20. One thing that I find really frusterating with Lightroom 2.3, is that when you click "Edit in Photoshop CS4", do your edits, save the file, then go back into Lightroom, the the new file is saved at the end of the images. I would like to see lightroom stack these files, with the lightroom file underneith and the Photoshop edited one above.
    Also, I find that Lightroom sometimes adds a duplicate drive when editing with Photoshop. It causes frusteration and loss of time.
    One last idea I thought of was to have some way of integrating Photoshop actions with Lightroom, being able to easily edit the photos in Photoshop with out the hassle of having duplicates of every image, etc..
    Maybe I need to buy a Lightroom book and figure out how lightroom works? I don't know.
  21. Nathan,
    - Where the newly generated .PSD or .TIF shows up depends on what sort order is selected for the grid view and whether you have checked the box in the Edit In External App dialog to say "Stack with Original".
    - Don't know anything about a "duplicate drive" being added, whatever that is. Is this on Windows or Mac OS X? I've never seen that on Mac OS X.
    - Photoshop edits are manipulations to pixel data, and instructions encapsulated into smart objects. Lightroom edits are instructions only, rendering the original data into Previews for viewing and working on. An Export operation creates a new file with new pixel data. I don't see any way to integrate these two very different models of operation that doesn't create a tremendous amount of complexity, which is one of the things that Lightroom was designed to get away from.
    Yes, you need to get a book and learn how Lightroom actually works. ;-)
  22. I forgot one biggie (for me) until it came up today:
    LR really needs to support catalogs on shared/network-mounted drives/folders!
  23. A couple of other things.
    1. Something like the lens distortion tool, where lens distortion can be corrected.
    2. Perhaps some presets that could be applied both in the local adjustment brush, and generally that would simulate layer blending modes in Photoshop.
    3. Second the request for Smart Sharpen.
  24. 1) More tools for enhanced B&W processing; ability to add (and characterize) grain would be great

    2) Perspective correction; similar to how it's done in photoshop by pulling crop-rectangle control points back and forth.

    3) Enhanced sharpening

    4) Adding blur to local edit brush options

    5) Ability to stroke images without using work-arounds or a third-party export pluggin

    6) A better UI approach to the right scrollable pane for tools. It's getting long and unwieldy - and will likely get worse in the
    future with more options

    7) Lightbox implementation

    8) Enhanced SimpleViewer flash gallery control (Web module).
  25. I'm a simple soul: I'll settle for a user interface (crop tool) that doesn't jerk around, zoom the crop to zero pixels in one corner uninvited, can keep up with even a slow mouse drag without taking a couple of seconds to catch up, and and doesn't freeze or crash any more.
    I know it's a lot to ask.
  26. >>> can keep up with even a slow mouse drag without taking a couple of seconds to catch up, and and doesn't freeze or
    crash any more.

    Maybe it's your computer? No issues like that here...
  27. None of those problems here either.

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