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  1. I shot these in the recent cold weather. I was testing my first high magnification macro setup with full aperture focusing.
    I wanted to improve on some recent shots of Mothflies which live in my compost bin. I was using my EM-1 with an Olympus 4/3 50mm f2 with the a matched x2TC behind it and a Raynox MSN-202 (25 diopters) on the front. The effective aperture was f18 (f9 on the lens). The FOV was 5mm wide. Hand-held with some support.
    I like to use triple flash but I struggled to get a second one aimed well enough.
    As I was about to lift the lid off the bin, I noticed what I though were two extra large, slightly dark Mothflies on top of it. It was only when I saw the first one in the viewfinder that I realised that they were Heteropteran bugs. And it was not until I saw the first flash-lit image that I was the colours.
    As with the Mothflies, I could not get the low angles I wanted because of the shape of the top of the bin. However, this shows how little DOF was available at f18.
  2. Here is one of the moth flies, FOV ca 4mm wide.
  3. I like that punk moth fly!
  4. Yes, it's tempting to do something colourful via photoshop.
  5. Here is the setup (flash and camera excluded) I am now using for such close shots:

  6. Abstract.
  7. Amazing shots, great work!

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