The Zeiss Wobble: Where to Send a Zeiss ZM Biogon Lens for Repair?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by andre_noble|5, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    Where in the USA can one send a Zeiss Biogon 35mm lens (that has barrel looseness) in for expert tightening in the USA?
    I emailed and phoned a guy named Richard Schleuning whose name I found on the web as a possible go to guy for Zeiss service, but so far have gotten no reply.
    Any knowledgeable sugestion appreciated.
  2. Rich is the best person to talk to. He may be on vacation or out of the office without any online connection, but I know he's quite reliable and responds quickly. If not him, then look up the Zeiss website, look for photographic solutions and contact the people there. They'll direct you to someone in the USA office if Rich isn't available.
  3. Richard Schleuning formerly from Hasselblad USA, is a fine gentleman who will resolve all of your Zeiss issues. He represents Zeiss USA, so rest assure that he is either on the road or on vacation as John Kwok stated.
  4. Rich seems like the guy. Still no response fro him. hoope he is on vacation. I don't want to just have any old body touching this lens. Its a gem.
  5. I sent mine back to Zeiss in Germany and it came back absolutely perfect and smooth as butter. It only took about 2 weeks door to door. The repair was done in 5 working days from their receiving the lens. It was not cheap, however (145 euros without shipping). I know you asked about the USA, but the customs issues are usually not difficult when it comes to exporting and reimporting for repair. Just make sure you register that it is being exported for repair.

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