The web address you entered could not be found

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by tom_cheshire, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. I don't know why but, once or twice a week, I get the "could not be found" web page when I click on a forum topic. Yesterday, I posted a reply to "Vintage darkroom collectibles?" in Casual Photo Conversation but, when I went back later on in the day to read more, I got the "could not be found" thing. Tried looking again today. Same result.
    The web address you entered could not be found

    [more information]
    You were trying to go to
  2. Don't know about this one, but it's possible that a post was marked 'spam' by a low-level elf and then that decision was reversed by somebody higher up the command chain.
    The other day, I got something like this and then found out that someone, perhaps the OP, had changed the title of the No Words OP, perhaps within the editing period.
    Not that I know anything, just speculating on the basis of some past experiences when I've got a similar result, especially when a post has been removed before I could post a reply.
    I suppose it's also possible that the server was over-strained, though that usually seems to get a Gateway Timeout.
  3. jsc


    Tom, do you still not see that thread? It shows up fine for me. Please let me know.
    That "more information" link takes me to an AOL search page, which makes me think your DNS is screwing up. What DNS servers are you using, if you know?
  4. I don't know about DNS. Yes, still doing it. In fact, it did it while trying to log in and answer this then, after closing the window and trying again, I was already logged in. Don't know how that is possible. Use AOL 9.7 on XP.
    Oh, I usually Select All and Copy whatever I type when I post or reply on the forums because after clicking it has a 50/50 chance of going to "the web address you entered could not be found". Forgot to mention that. But that always happens.
  5. "Use AOL 9.7 on XP."
    I would look to the AOL folks for not having things right. If they are your ISP, then it is up to them to provide the DNS server that sends you to the proper web pages when you type something or click on a link.
    I can see the forum topic you linked, just fine.

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