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  2. Tony Parsons

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    IMG_0024 - just a spot of drizzle.jpg

    Just a spot of drizzle . . .
  3. Madrid yesterday
    0005a Otoño Palacio Cristal Estanque Retiro-NAIs20.jpg Nikkor AIs 20
  4. It's scorching here _D3X7282in.jpg
  5. AutumnPuddle_P1040418-528.jpg Damp
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  6. Yesterday in Rheinland (today it's raining) P1090465.JPG
  7. A bit unsettled at times, but still warm. . 74f. Aloha, Bill 2k18-dp-2k18-11-10-DSCF1879 ces10.JPG
  8. Yesterday. Grand Targhee Ski Area, Wyoming, is preparing to open Nov. 16 grand targhee Nov 10.jpg
  9. Changeable yesterday. Schiedam.jpg

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