The Wave/ Coyote Buttes North vs. Coyote Buttes South?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by robert_hurd, May 23, 2004.

  1. Hi, All,

    Can anyone comment on the photographic/ geologic features to be seen
    in Coyote Buttes South?

    Not surprisingly, BLM permits for The Wave/ Coyote Buttes North are
    all booked up. However, I did obtain a permit to Coyote Buttes
    SOUTH, for late June.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Are you planning to hike or drive to South Coyote Buttes? The hike from Wire Pass is long and it is getting rather hot on the Paria Plateau by June. You need a 4WD vehicle with high clearance to get out to South Coyote Buttes and summer is not the time to drive that sandy track. You would also need competent off road driving skills. The sandy track to SCB and its remoteness make it an unforgiving place.
  3. Thanks, Claire!

    While I am renting a 4WD, I was not really planning on scratching it up in any serious terrain. Also, while I'm an experienced hiker/ camper, I likewise don't want to do anything risky in 105+ heat.

    Are there any Coyote Buttes South photography sites not too far from the road, for an early morning (cooler) excursion? I did not find much info on the BLM website, and I figured I would do further research (e.g., Topo maps, web searches, etc.).

    Also, I noticed that the CB North permits were all taken, but I am wondering it they are simply being perpetually hogged by commercial tour companies.

    Thanks, again!

  4. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the Coyote Buttes area and its vagaries. It would be wise of you to contact either the BLM office in Kanab or the Paria Ranger Station by telephone and get your information. South Coyote Buttes is not an easy hike from the road, even if you just went to Pawhole, at the very southern end of SCB. Ask at BLM or Ranger Station about the walk in permit/lottery system for the Buttes.
  5. david_henderson


    All the passes for Coyote Buttes north for every day in October
    this year were gone within six minutes of reservations opening .
    I imagine its the same for all the peak months. Some dates had
    gone inside the first three minutes. What this means is that
    unless you have rapid keyboard skills and a fast internet
    connection you won't get a reservation- even if there are no
    pre-sales made to groups.
  6. is the current status of my research into "possibly" visiting Coyote Buttes South in late June.

    From the "Contact Us" link on the BLM site, I spoke with the "Arizona Strip Interpretive Association" at 435-688-3246. They said that while the hike to South is challenging, it is "doable", and a good number of people do complete the hike in to Coyote Buttes South.

    They described the journey to my destination at Coyote Buttes South, as follows:

    Step 1. Sixteen mile, 2-wheel drive passable drive to "Lone Tree Reservoir Trailhead" (undeveloped trail head) (Maybe Lone Tree Trailhead is the place to get to just before daybreak?)

    Step 2. Two mile hike through sand (or 4-wheel drive through sand) to "Paw Hole Trailhead" (undeveloped trail head). Here is the challenge, since the sand can be "pretty deep" from Lone Tree to Paw Hole.

    Step 3. Short hike from "Paw Hole Trailhead" to the Coyote Buttes South outcrops.

    Note: The South permit is valid from midnight on through the day of the permit, so you can get started on the hike as early as possible, such as right at daybreak, or even camp at the trail head the night before (although it would a warm camp in June). Page is the closest town for lodging accomodations.

    Hmmmm...I will have to think on this a while longer, and call them again when I receive my permit and topo map. Still, if I drive in to the Lone Tree Reservoir Trailhead, and if it does not look good from there, I can always turn back around and go drink coffee...or go to Horseshoe Bend, maybe.

  7. Called and spoke with Canyon Country Out-Back Tours - ..

    It looks like the sand from Lone Tree to Paw Hole is about two and a half miles of deep, soft the sand in sand dunes.

    So....probably not a good idea to attempt that hike.

  8. Robert, Are you aware that they have 10 "walk in" permits each day in addition to the on-line reservation permits? Go to the Paria ranger station BEFORE they open the day before you want to hike in. They have a lottery drawing for anyone that shows up. If 10 or less people show up, you're in for the next day. If more than 10 show up, it's a luck of the draw.

    Also, the back way in through Poverty Flats really isn't that bad if you know how to drive in deep sand. Just keep your momentum up and you'll have no trouble (bring a shovel though just in case). I've taken numerous different vehicles back there and have never got stuck. Even took a Subaru Outback in there once. BUT, be very carefull near the end of the road heading north as it was washed out just over a year ago. There is literally a 10 foot drop off which would be very easy to miss until it's too late.
  9. Thanks, Tony!

    I did speak with a tour guide out there, and was told that a lot of people are arriving these days for the morning North Coyote lotteries.

    I will probably check further upon arrival

  10. I hiked Coyote Buttes South last October. The road from Lone Tree to Paw Hole was indeed
    sandy but we made it no problem in a Dodge Durango. There was also someone parked at
    Paw Hole in a Subaru Outback. We were advised at the ranger station that travelling further
    than Paw Hole was not reccomended due to deep sand. In fact we talked to a guy who had
    spent the better part of the previous day digging himself out.

    As far as photographic oppourtunities, well, its an amazing place with some of the most
    unique rock formations I have ever seen. In fact we've got permits to return this summer.
    It is well worth the hike
  11. Water. Lots of Water.
  12. Hey Robert,
    I was researching the south end myself since I was given passes that someone couldn't use on 7/3...and reading what you've discovered makes me a little leary this time of year, even with my 4Runner. Well, if I get a negative response from my friend in a day or two, you can have my extra north pass for 7/2 if you want to delay your hike another weekend. I may just not do the south end and explore Bryce instead. If I do the south and have to hike the first 2.5 miles instead of driving in the deep sand, is the scenery worth while in that area? or does it not get unique until beyond Paw Hole?
  13. 4x4ing can be a skill sport. HOWEVER, here are a few life saving tips. In deep sand air down to about 12 pounds of air pressure BEFORE you attempt to cross. Keep your momentum up with a constant speed - not too fast and certainly not too slow. Do NOT turn sharply. Don't stop untill you are through the deep stuff. NEVER drive further than you are willing to walk out. Things happen. when back on paved highway, keep the speed down to around 30-35 and don't corner sharply untill you can air up at a gas station. Jeepers carry a quart sized bottle of compressed CO2 to air back up with. Check with your local Jeep club for detailed info.

    Lastly, I really don't think 105 degrees is a deadly temperature. Just take a gallon of water per person per day.

    I am signed up for August 3. However, I have a Jeep Rubicon with large tires.
  14. Well...I guess I find myself looking for someone to respond to the original question--how is the PHOTOGRAPHY at South vs. North? Based on pictures of the Wave and the Second Wave, I think there is no comparison, and I can see why booking North is extremely difficult and booking South is no obstacle. In fact, after what has now been almost 3 years of developing a photoart idea, I think Coyote Buttes North, specifically the Wave or the Second Wave, is definitely my first choice for my next shoot. Alas, the good stuff never comes easy.

    BTW--I think the good time slots for North book up within minutes, if not seconds, every month. Thankfully, I got a few different times, in both early and late March. And man, was I ever ready with the quick key strokes, precompleted fields, etc...and I still didn't get my first choice....but close enough.

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