The upcoming Olympus E-M1X - did Olympus get it right?

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  1. Sigma Art 50/1.4 at 800+g and the Pentax at 900g for one 50mm lens. This is why the current trends for much of "boutique" full frame lens development strikes me as absurd. When you recommend such a combination, I can probably guess you don't actually own either one. The Canon 24-70 f2.8 zoom is not as heavy as the Pentax and is about the same as the Sigma and that, at least, represents 3 to 4 prime lenses. The Canon 50mm f1.2 R may be a great optical performer but it weighs 950 g. God knows who is buying these prestige lenses, but good luck to them.

  2. We’ll see when it gets out here. I have several Olympus bodies e1 - e-m1 several lenses etc. Shot Hasselblad for years with great success in numerous areas including many weddings. Professional printer says my Olympus files are excellent. I carry a good amount of equipment in a mid sized bag that is not exorbinately heavy. Have gotten used to the convienence of the system. Using several original 4/3 lenses w/ the e-m1 and it works out well. Looking forward to the new camera debut. Plan to use more of the in camera capabilities as time goes on. Had om-1 system in college. Remember when AP went to Olympus in the 70’s I think lens capability was big in the decision besides being quite compact even then. I am still occasionally very impressed with sharpness in some situations probably aided by the in body IS system from the E-3 on. New camera should be exciting the result of much effort I’m sure.
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  3. May be 'pitiable' to you, but it does the job.
    And most important, you HAVE the iPhone with you, whereas you likely do not have your dSLR with you at a restaurant.
    The camera you have with you to use, is infinitely better than the better camera at home in the closet that you can't use. Image or no image.
  4. Hmmm..... hm....o_O
    Canon powershot g1x mark iii + a tiny video continuous light with a diffuser in a small bag. :) Great results, serious sensor + vario-zoom as a bonus.
  5. This ugly big Olympus is here. Read comments below.
    I have seen the samples.
    It was shameful to show ISO 800 and above.
    All is what I said: ISO 400 is worse than in 2013 Pentax K-50. Mesh and color noise in branches which aren't too sharp and noise and torn gradations in water. Finita la comedia. :p
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  6. "Samples"

    When the final firmware is tested and DP Review has their test image up *then* you can view the final samples and post more of this utter nonsense. You like your K50? Fine! Keep it! But please, your posts in this thread seem to indicate some sort of issue you have with certain cameras, and I just don't get that.
  7. Ruslan has spoken: he is the acknowledged expert as the man who cannot decide whether to buy a 800 g 50mm lens or a small glorified point and shoot. I never realized that the Pentax k-50 (let me guess: Ruslan has one) was such a benchmark of quality.

    A more realistic assessment is given by Robin Wong. I think that Olympus are asking too much for the camera, and the roadmap is a bit of joke in my opinion (so unspecific), but I never look at DPreview's sample images as they usually are completely unedited boring set taken by people shooting a camera they probably have not got the hang of actually using. In addition, in this case the camera is a preproduction version. What influences me more are people who know how to take a good photo, and what they can do with a camera: we shall see more of these when the camera gets into their hands.
  8. FWIW, I meant the "lab sample" on DP review, not their useless sample photos. You know, the one where you can pixel peep to your heart's content at various ISOs in raw and JPG? BTW, no more replies to ruslan for me. I'm done.
  9. Agree. Yes, I wasn't referring to the lab sample images. BTW, another reasonable consideration of the camera is here. Personally, I have vowed never again to buy a camera priced at $3000 again, as I don't think it is worth it for me, so it is too pricey (and too big) for me. However I do see what Oly are trying to do. I will consider an E1 mkIII when that appears in due course.
  10. It's not for me, either. My current cam, the EM1.2 actually exceeds my needs. FWIW, I did use DP Review's studio samples to compare my cam to the K50. It's pretty clear the EM1.2 is better. Oh, well. Enjoy.
  11. That cat's out of the bag with the performance of the 12-100mm f4 and 300mm f4 M. Zuiko's with dual IS capability. I have feeling updated versions of the 12-40 and 40-150mm f2.8's, with in-lens stabilization for dual IS operation are part of the new lens "road map", as well as an in-lens stabilized consumer lens in the 14-150mm range (would be version III of that lens), a replacement for the 7-14mm f2.8 M. Zuiko and the upcoming E-M5 III is going to offer at least a few of these new E-M1X features, but primarily better also include phase-detect AF.

    The E-M1X is not intended as a huge volume model. Probably 80-85% (if not more) of the online complainers were never the intended target audience and just sound foolish with all their posts. Not even sure I am a target user, even though the hand-held high-resolution shooting for landscapes would be really nice.....maybe that'll also be a part of what's included with the E-M5 III.

    For the time being, the E-M1 Mark II works awfully well for what I do, and I do anticipate some sort of significant firmware update keeping that model relevant with at least a few of these newer features is most likely coming at some time. The E-M1 Mark II also has dual processors, most likely enough to more than handle some of these features should Olympus decide to add them.

    If I do buy the E-M1X, that would not happen for quite a while as I use raw capture 100% of the time and would not consider a new body until it is supported by the raw processing program for Olympus cameras I use, DXO Photo Lab 2, and who the heck knows how long that might take.
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  12. I rather assumed the w/a zoom would be something more exotic like a 4-11mm (ie 8-21mm FF equivalent). The roadmap is so uninformative. All it tells us is they are doing "something else' apart from the 150-400
  13. I'd love a pro quality WA zoom to replace the current 7-14. Love it, but an f4 version would be much smaller and lighter. In the meantime, I'll suffer with what I have. ;-)
  14. Officially on the wait list at Arlington Camera for the E-M1X. They're supposed to receive 4 with their initial order and I'm #2 on the list.

    Only problem.....probably going to take longer for my raw software (DXO Photo Lab) to support the body after I get it.
  15. We'd love it if you could give us a user report when the time comes. ;-)
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  16. It weighs more than 2 lbs (1 lb more than Mark II) - Eek! And it still has to catch up with Nikon on focus-tracking.
  17. Here's one example using handheld high resolution with the E-M1X and 12-40mm f2.8 at the California State Capital building. I processed this one in the Olympus Workspace software, with a tiny amount of cropping to better frame/level the subject.

    The full resolution file is here..

    Olympus E-M1X - Greg

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  18. I use m/43 as my carry around system, I like the easy switch from stills to video, with fast lenses it is the perfect gear for keeping up with the new grandson. I thought long and hard about moving to the Panny G9 but decided to stick with my G80 because of size. This makes me an unlikely customer for this new Olympus ,however good a camera it is. I agree with Mr. Vongries about the right tools for the job, I take sports photos for my wife,s school with a D4 and long lens that could be bought mint for a lot less than this body. I can cope with the D4 because I get to sit down, luckily from my waist up I have the strengh of a 60 year old! So I don,t see real sports photographers using this Olympus. I am thinking of strapping my D4 to a walker to get extra mobility, I think it will make me look like a Tiger tank. All the best, keep printing, Charles.
  19. Come on.

    The world is moving to bigger sensors as technology is moving on.

    Olympus/Panasonic are still prating around with old yesterday tiny sensor stuff.

    Sack the fools while you still have a business.

    Your market share is pathetic, and not subsumable.
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  20. Sensor size is not the biggest deal for sports photography. Remember when folks were thrilled with 4-8 MP high end aps cameras with poor ISO and DR performance and paid 5 grand for them? Now a company offers a more compact body with a 20mp sensor that can wipe the floor with the old cameras and folks make jest of it? The reason this new camera could fail is if it cannot focus track moving subjects as well as the established cameras from Nikon/Canon. If Oly can get that right then a smaller camera that is a bit more affordable could work. Damn I give them credit for trying.

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