The Ultraportable Question again

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by kim_s, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. I posted almost two years ago looking for a good ultraportable laptop for photo
    editing. I ended up going with dell's 700m, and I've LOVED it but it's getting
    old. I don't know that the newer models are quite the same. I've seen comments
    that the newer equivalent models don't have quite as nice of a screen for photo
    editing. So, I'm curious if anyone has used the m1210 for photo editing.
    Otherwise, is anyone else happy with another brand?

    -I'd like to stay around or under the 4lb mark, and under 14''.
    -Durable- doesn't need to be a toughbook, but I put my hands on one of the
    smaller Sony's and I was afraid I'd crush it.
  2. Think twice before you get a Microsoft Vista OS for photography.
  3. If not Dell, then a Macbook Pro would be my vote....
  4. Thanks, but not ready to spend the $$ or go through the conversion to Mac yet. Perhaps once they come out with this rumored 12''.
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    I've been using an IBM X series machine for the past couple of years. 4-6 months a year on the road and it's held up well. Screen isn't the greatest for photography, but I get by.
  6. Late answer, hope you still read it....

    But I have a Dell D420. Weights only 1.3 kg or so and is really great to carry around with the SLR.
    1 Gb memory and A core Duo processor (many other Ultraportable only have Core Solo).
    Only downside is a slightly sluggish harddisk but it runs any photography application just fine.
    In fact I used it with Vista as well for a while but went back to XP purely because I like it more.
    Good laptop for photographers on the go.
  7. You'll get more per$ with a macbook (not pro, although the formula would apply to a high end PC book too) than a Dell at the 1000$ mark. The cost issue is an often repeated left over assumption from many many years ago.

    I run both systems... no uninformed bias here.

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