The tiger in your lap

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  1. Another recently scanned oldie. Have no idea when, or even where, this image was captured.
    Comments, critiques, etc. welcome.

  2. I know the critters back looks like a tabletop, or pasted in, but it isn't. That's the way the scan came out.
  3. Is this a scan from the negative or a scan of a print that's been in a box for 40-years?

    Why would you show us a faded picture of a long-dead cat, with washed out colors on a nondescript lawn? It's a competent picture of a cat. If I'd taken it, I might show my wife and we might say, "Look at old Felix. He loved to chase squirrels. Remember when he left one at the front door, after he bit the head off?" I don't have a Felix story, so I don't get it, other than it's a cat chasing a squirrel, bird or butterfly...

    Maybe I'm judging this in the light of modern equipment, that could result in a much more accurate picture.

    I don't know. I just don't get it. I don't think it was a particularly strong picture in 1975 and it hasn't gotten stronger with age. Sorry
  4. It was scanned from what is definitely an old negative. The film was probably gray-market.
    Aside from that, where'd you get 1975 from? If that's accurate, the camera was an old Yashica that'd seen better days.
    It was part of a bunch of negatives that I recently found that hadn't been scanned. They go all the way back to the 60s.
    Maybe even before that for all I know. Not just 35mm either. Remember the Brownie Hawkeye Box?
    The thing I liked about this shot Is that I think it shows the cat as a cat (your story about old Felix for example) not just some elegant
    tabby curled up in your lap purring contently, and I do think (at least to some extent) I captured that.

    Aside from that, this on the redo (when I get around to it) list.
  5. Iā€™m imagining, with a voice strong enough and on key, an interesting series of bargain-basement snapshots climbing past the lobby and up to the mezzanine.
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  6. Ehhhhh! I don't know about that. So far the only images that I've posted from that batch of negs was this one (because it shows a cat being a cat), and "Lightshow".
    Lightshow I thought was worth a right-away redo. This one the first scan was with a cheapy scanner, scanned it again with a not so cheapy scanner to see if it made a difference. It didn't! Hence the movement to the "when I get around to it list"
  7. I pulled the 1975 our of my butt. (BTW, I had a Yashica 44 back then).
  8. That works! (shrug)

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