The system I wish for. Do you think it will happen?

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  1. I have been using a Canon digital Rebel (currently T2i) with 10-22 and 28-135. I love the quality of the photos I get with both lenses at all focal lengths. However, I often feel that the system is too big and heavy, and wish that Canon would make a system like micro 4/3. So here is my wish list:
    1. The body: something smallish, like one of the Panasonic micro 4/3 cameras with no mirror. Sensor size similar to 4/3 to allow for smaller lenses. About 15 MP.
    2. Wide angle lens: 16-XX mm equivalent (f3.5-5.6 is fine).
    3. Telephoto: XX-200 mm equivalent (f3.5-5.6 is fine as well).
    All this for less than $2,000, and very small and light. Do you think that Canon will make such a system? Would you buy it?
  2. I just did a weight comparison between Canon and Panasonic. Here it is:
    Panasonic GH2, 7-14, and 14-140 lenses: 1200g (14-280 mm equivalent)
    Canon T2i, 10-22, 18-200 lenses: 1520g (16-300 mm equivalent)
    I guess I thought that the micro 4/3 system offered significantly greater weight advantages, so I am a little disappointed.
  3. you said with no mirror. Do you like the mirrorless system?
  4. At the end of the way if weight is your criteria go for the lighter option. It might inspire you to be more creative.
  5. Hi Momo. Long time no see!
    I kind of got to your point a couple years ago. Wanted something smaller and lighter to hike out there in the field. Still wanted something with quality for my landscape work. Was getting tired of the 40D hanging around my shoulder. I bought a T2i also for the smaller size, but was still hauling the 10-22 and 17-55 2.8 around.
    I researched micro 4/3 and went with the Panasonic G1. Quite a bit smaller than the T2i. Actually very innovative and pleasent to use in the field. Excellent image quality for sure. I bought the 7-14 for the wide fields and it is everything my 10-22 is if not more. Very nice little systems, but still pricy.
    It is a trade off though. The DSLR's still have the upper hand quality wise. But for a light weight quality system the Panasonics do sound like what you are after. The new G3 is even smaller than the G1 and sounds like a hikers dream. Good luck, I think you are on the right track.
    "We are considering the technical aspects," Maeda said, when asked about the mirrorless segment.
    "We will launch an interesting product next year," he said, adding that it would be small, but not specifying whether it would be a mirrorless model.
    You seem to have interest in Micro 4/3. There are 2 companies making them plus Sony and Samsung with APS-C based mirrorless cameras and the Pentax Q with smaller sensor. Why don't you just buy one of them instead? These companies already have 2-3 year head starts on Canon (and Nikon) and already have multiple bodies and lenses. If you want something like this why wait for what Canon MIGHT do?
  7. I don't get it. There are great lenses available for 4/3 cameras and they'll take an incredible number of lenses (admittedly at 2X) with adapters.
    Why not just get a 4/3 camera, if that's what you want?
    I can't imagine that Canon would ever try to expand into a market segment where the niches are all already filled.
  8. I will research the Panasonic system some more, but at this point in time I am hesitant to buy into it because:
    - Canon has been amazing to me over the last ~13 years or so. My gear never limits me in what I want to accomplish. It's fast, reliable, and provides amazing photos. I am just not sure how well the handling and photo quality will be with Panasonic (I will look into it though). The fact that someone as respectable as Brian uses the system gives me hope.
    - As I pointed out in my first reply, switching to Panasonic will only save me 300 grams, which is not worth the risk for me. I guess I was hoping for a more dramatic weight reduction (in half).
    Thanks Walt for the link. Pretty exciting news.
  9. momo, IMO, m4/3's advantage is best realized with small, fast primes, like the 20/1.7 and the just-released 12/2 and upcoming 45/1.8. i can see where one would want a wide angle, but once you start getting into telephoto, you're not shaving that much off a DSLR system. if i were you, i'd consider the Olympus E-P3, a used GF1 or the upcoming GF3 with one prime to start with.
  10. If you are going to have any problem with either Olympus or Panasonic it won't be because they are incompetent but because of the design that you want. Smaller sensor, EVF, AF using contrast detection techniques all contribute to lower performance but it deliver what you want, small camera and no mirror.

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