" The Strap " to be necessary or not ????

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  1. Are the Strap necessary for you or not ???? I never use Strap, I carry Small Hadley (Billingham), and put on Leica M7 When I take picture already, I put it to the bag immediately I think The Strap it not facile ????? and Cluttered, But it is safety for our camera :) Anybody think like me :) as usual............Pardon for very poor English :)
  2. Kamol:

    Everyone does it differently. I wrap the strap around my wrist and carry the camera in my hand. It's always ready to shoot and if a thief tries to snatch my Leica, he's going to have to take my hand with it. When I change film I hang the camera around my neck and turn it upside down. I know what you mean, though. Sometimes a strap seems to just get in the way. However, it's good to have it anyway, especially for changing film.


  3. Kamol, I may handle a camera without a strap once in a while, but it feels risky to me. It would be very easy to accidently drop the camera. The strap is a lifeline for the camera. I would not want to risk dmaging my Leica, or Nikon, or whatever it is. The cost of doing this isn't worth it to me. Is it to you? You have to decide.
  4. My strap is very important to me during film changing / loading on the run. It might not be a big deal in the house when you can set at the table and lay things out, but in the street, being able to let the camera hang while you fumble for a fresh roll, or jugle the bottom makes it a good thing. I have dropped my new or old film rolls. I have dropped my bottom plate. I have never dropped my suspended camera, even while working in extreme crowds of moveing people. The strap gives me a third hand during loading operations.
    When I take picture already, I put it to the bag immediately
    This doesn't seem to allow for that next picture to be made with little hessitation. The camera has to be out and ready to be used, not in a bag. I have my camera at my right hand with the strap double wrapped on my wrist... always ready for the next shot.
  5. Kamol

    You are right to use it that way! When a thief steals your Leica
    you will still have both hands. Leicas can be replaced, hands cannot.
    Give him the Billingsgate bag too.

  6. Common sense has to be employed when using the strap.

    Dont ever let the strap hang over the edge of a table or anyplace where the camera is setting, lest some child or dog or chair or whatever, snag the strap and bring the camera down.

    Dont carry the camera in your hands while letting the strap hang below the camera (and your hands), lest it get snagged on something snatching the camera from your hands.

    If you use a strap, the strap is best put around your neck. If you're not using the strap around your neck, then remove the strap. A quick disconnect strap works well for just that purpose.
  7. On the rare occasions I take a completely handheld shot without bracing myself against something, I wind the strap (which is always worn x my body) tightly around my hands so that it's taut and presses the camera against my forehead. This adds a great deal of stability. I think I read this technique years ago in one of the late Andrew Mannheim's Leica books.
  8. I sling the camera on a strap on my right shoulder and under my left arm so the strap goes across the body (I am right handed). When shooting I basically use by left elbow on the strap to create tension downwards and my forehead to create tension horizontally - it has helps me to achive stability
  9. Ditto Jay.

    In addition, I wouldn't want to involuntarily drop test a camera body. Even if one could afford to do this (I can't!), it seems a needless risk, and a potential waste of a fine camera.

    I've read here of people dropping cameras into the deep sea. No recovery there!
  10. Nathan, when you flog them do you have a camera attached? And is it chrome or black?
  11. I size the strap length and do the tension technique like Jay has explained; kind of like the rifle target shooting technique I learned long ago. I also size the strap to have a wrist strap loop on the right side for casual carrying, wraping a couple/few fingers under the GMP grip.
  12. I tried Lutz's little strap; immediately my regular strap was relegated to some drawer. It is fabulous because you drop the camera into the bag with the strap up, when you need it, just put a finger through the strap and lift. The camera CANNOT fall from your hand unless you consciously pull it off your two fingers.

    For when you just want to hang it around your neck, buy Lutz's locking snap (forget the name). Then you can support the camera from one lug (hangs sideways) and remove it in a second.

    Best (and least expensive) accessory I ever bought for M7.
  13. Strap!!
  14. Drop one and your use the strap.
  15. Bob,

    The strap actually caused me to drop a camera:

    It was on a table; I went to pick it up; the strap caught on the corner; the camera slipped out of my hand to the floor.
  16. Steve...there was a case in our city a couple years back of a fellow on a motorcycle that, when a rock flew up and hit his faceshield (which splintered, a piece going into his eye), swerved into the path of an oncoming car and was killed (at least that's the conclusion the police came up with). It seems from your last comment that would mean you shouldn't wear a helmet when motorcycle riding. I think the strap has saved many more cameras than they have destroyed.
  17. I agree Bob, I'm comfortable using straps on all my cameras; it's just I've dropped every camera I've ever owned.

    I've never dropped a gun, though they had no straps,
  18. Although the only camera I've dropped recently was a Hexar AF. As I got out of the car one day, the camera, which was slung around my neck, got caught (the strap) on the seat belt receptacle and plunged to the ground. Maybe there is a strap conspiracy afoot ;-)
  19. I can't picture a camera, where the strap was around your neck would fall:

    Pulled with such force that it pulled you over and the strap slipped over your head.

    The force broke the strap.

    I've had a car door catch my over the shoulder strap; M4 black paint to the pavement.

    I only use the strap across my body, camera under the left arm.

    My camera got hit be a motor cycle once - no kidding, bent the hood.
  20. I bought a strap from local Wolf camera for 10 bucks. It has anti-slip rubber on the shoulder side and made of soft neoprene cushion. It has two quick release clip that can release the shoulder pad part but you can clip those two clips together to form a small loop around the camera. Which you can then wrap around you hand comfortably. Simply brillant. I now store the should part in camera bag pocket and use most of the time the small loop with the camera.

    If you haven't tried it, try lengthen the strap such that you can wear you camera around waist line criss cross the chest. It shifts a lot of weight down and really help alleviating back pain. I like it so much that I have replaced all my camera with extra long straps. Give it a try.

    Best, Chi
  21. Peter,

    That suggestion is really unneccesary... everyone knows that the bottom plate doubles as an excellent ashtray. ;>

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