The Spire of Notre Dame

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  2. I enjoyed this article, just serves to add some perspective that we would not have, otherwise. Thank you for sharing.

    The above video also is super interesting, revealing a lot of information we might have had otherwise. I particularly enjoyed the fact that they shored the arches with massive wooden trusses), and that they are looking at the quarries and studying timbers as well. Laying the cathedral bare, in may ways, is helping us to know more about the construction and the history of not only the cathedral itself but also of individual components used in its construction. Again, without having had this fire, we'd not have a chance to gain this intimate level of knowledge about the building and its components.

    What's not to like about this?
  3. BTW, one good thing about the Pyramid is that it takes you down to the level of the old Louvre Castle's foundation, which dates from the 12th C. That level was excavated in the mid 1980's and reveals the original wall and moat, which I find rather interesting.
  4. Would be a grand site for a new mall! LOL
  5. I get very jealous and depressed when I see how other countries value and preserve their history and historic sites , both the "good sites" and the "bad sites" , as well as ALL of their history.
    Sadly this is not the case in my country.
    People , you should value this mind set , it is not the case in my country.
  6. Aren't malls just churches for consumers anyway? :)

    I'd love to see someone design a mall that looked like a cathedral (or a church that looked like an Apple store). The day may come ...
  7. Before you get too jealous and depressed, consider how your country and other countries treat their living occupants. I just hope that doesn't depress you more.
  8. Check out the former "Crystal Cathedral" in Garden Grove, CA.
  9. Excellent! In 200 years, when the crystal tower is toppled by an earthquake, I wonder what the different proposals for replacement will look like? ;)

    I guess even the Catholic Church sees "through a glass darkly."
  10. I live in Orange County myself and have seen it several times. One interesting thing about it is they had one of the few number of full pipe organs in the U.S., and it was supposedly of top flight quality.
  11. In another take on that, where I grew up, the area Catholic Church was converted from an old Sunquist Fruit Orange packing plant and the locals used to call it "St. Sunquist".
  12. 'What's a Chinese earn?'

    About a million dollars, apparently.

    Sorry, couldn't resist that. It was asking for it.

    Now here's my two-penn'orth on Notre Dame:

    My home city of Coventry had its 400 year old cathedral destroyed by incendiary bombing during WWII. The ruins have been left as a memorial of that horrific era, and a new cathedral was, eventually, about 20 years later, erected adjacent to those ruins.

    The new building was quite impressive, if somewhat angular and unornamented on the outside. Its interior was more impressive, but simply lacked the 'feeling' of veneration and history that somehow imbues ancient structures of any sort. Be they dedicated to religion or otherwise.

    The 'new' cathedral has now stood for just under 60 years, and I was appalled to recently see that the concrete-built chapter house has sections of 'blown' concrete. Where the reinforcing steel has expanded and cracked the encasing concrete.

    Unlike ancient sandstone blocks, a section of concrete can't be simply taken out and replaced. Meaning the chapter house may well have to be completely demolished and re-built. It's this lack of craftsmanship and attention to detail that concerns me about modern architecture. No matter what the design, it should be well-crafted and use materials that weather and last well. More than 50 or 60 years in any event.

    Many of Britain's churches have undergone acts of governmental and administrative vandalism over the centuries. Ranging from the dissolution of the monasteries, through extremist protestant whitewashing of frescoes and defacing of sculptures, to Victorian 'rip it out and replace it' restoration. Making those few examples that have survived a few centuries intact precious and few.

    So just put back Notre Dame the way you found it! For future generations to enjoy, or at least experience in whatever way they want. Of course, use modern materials where they'll be more durable - no reinforced concrete please! - but don't destroy a skyline that's pleasured people's eyes for generations.... just because you can. And for some masturbatory intellectual satisfaction done in the name of 'art'.
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  13. Ha! Masturbatory satisfactions run the gamut from redesigning cathedral spires to playing with spectrum color charts all the live long day. Never would I judge another’s masturbatory fantasy, since I’ve had a few doozies of my own. Besides, most masturbation fantasy (obviously not all) is done in private and doesn’t come to fruition (thankfully for most high school kids), so they’re harmless, except for maybe the poor confessors who have to hear them behind closed doors.

    However, art as masturbation can’t really be taken seriously and is, instead, a mere rant laden with a sense and sensibility deprivation.
  14. The difference being that I don't inflict my 'masturbatory fantasies' - which they're neither BTW - on the public at large and literally written in stone to stand for decades.

    Why not pick on somebody else to prove to yourself that you have half a brain? (Another intellectual masturbation) I'm getting sick of being stalked around the fora.

    Disagreement is one thing, but the above attack is just vindictive and personal. You want it to get personal?
    Meaningless tosh!
  15. ... sigh
  16. This is not being stalked around the fora forums. It's eliciting a response ... in kind. I should know. I have strong opinions, as you do, and I'm not surprised by strong reactions.
    Just a select portion of the public.

    Cognosce te ipsum
  17. I wonder if The Orange Juice Princess herself, Ms. Gays Can’t Be Teachers Anita Bryant (those were the days, weren’t they?), brokered the deal ... for a hefty percentage, of course? Fruity! :)

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