The Royal one last time

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by gene m, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. stunning
  2. Very nice and not bad for C22 film. Did you have them on HC110? For how long?
  3. HC110 - H, eleven minutes.
  4. This is definitely a celebrity family!!! Didn't anyone notice Steve Urkel in the first pic of Royal 1.
  5. Thanks for posting, its great to see these nice people genuinely having such fun between themselves, a shame they never saw the pictures.
  6. Been missing my periodic fix of old film and cameras.
    Thanks for posting.
  7. Great addition to the others. So typically American party pictures, celebrations and dressing up for something special! Maybe somebody will recognize Bessie's place!!
  8. Another great rescue Gene, and the grain is excellent...I'll never use Tri-X in Rodinal again!
  9. Fine effort, Gene, intimate and somehow quite moving. Many thanks.
  10. Wonderful work Gene! Your found film threads provide fascinating views of people and how they live and celebrate life. I always look forward to them.
  11. Those are awesome.
  12. Way cool, Gene !
    If i ever get time and Winter grips NJ with a fierce blizzard, I'll soup up some of the stock-piled found film that's been fillin' up the bottom drawer of the camera cabinet.
    OK, did you pre-soak the color film.... if so, how long? What temp HC-11o developing? Any experiemnce with D-76 and old color emulsions?
    Keep up the good work ! Happy New year to you and your family ! :eek:)
  13. What an amazing series!
  14. Gabor
    Pre-soak for a minute or two. HC110 68 F for about 10 minutes. No experience with D76.

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