The Revere 8mm Model 88

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  1. I recently was given a" The Revere 8mm Model 88" 8 mm film movie
    camera. I accidentaly opened it and found film on it. Is there a way
    to take the film out safely to have it developed. I expect the film to
    be very old and probably won't have any images. But i owe it to the
    person who gave me the camera.

    Thanks for your help
  2. You are looking for someone who processes "double 8" film; I don't remember whether the model 88 uses cartridges or reels (I gave my Revere collection away last year). One of the best sources of information is at The maintainer used to have one of the last businesses developing double 8 film, but I believe he closed it a year or two ago. If you can find an old Morse tank at a used camera store, you can do it yourself.
  3. Thank you John I'll give it a try.
  4. Hi, I just bought a Revere 88 at a swap meet last month. Great little movie camera, sort of a Baby Bell & Howell Filmo. The movie film is on a daylight reel, designed for loading in normal light. Most likely it is fine. You'll need to look at the emulsion to see if it's black & white (grey base) or Color (tan base). If it's color most likely it's Kodachrome. Try Rocky Mountain Film Lab. Most likely it's worth getting processed if there are family images on it.

    It's 16mm film designed to be processed, slit in half and then spliced together. Fomapan still makes 8mm B&W film. You can buy it at JandC The revere 88 is a wonderful little camera, and true Analog marvel.

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